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I am very sad to report the death of Barry Hannah

The Eagle has reported this.  The Oxford Conference of the Book this weekend centers around his work.

8 comments to I am very sad to report the death of Barry Hannah

  • Anderson

    Very sad indeed. My wife is a big fan.

  • NMC

    This is a big loss here.

  • Fishwater

    I took his short story class in the late 90s and he was a great teacher, full of life. I just saw him Saturday night at Snack Bar and really regret not going over and saying hello. What a loss.

  • MC

    Barry didn’t make me a writer, but he did teach me how to read and what to love about books. Thanks for the education, Barry! You’ll be missed.

  • Chico Harris

    I moved to Alaska just about the time Hey Jack! was published. While registering at the Anchorage library, I suggested to the desk gal that they get a copy. She checked and said that they had two. And they were both checked out.

  • paulq

    I had not read any of his works, however in my Southern Lit. course we are about to cover Mr. Hannah and write a paper on the upcoming book conference. I guess that’s fitting, but it’ll be hard to read it this week. Rest in Peace.

  • Outsider

    I understand that Mr. Hannah helped Larry Brown and other new writers get a start. He must have had a generous spirit.

  • plexix

    The New York Times will have an obituary shortly.

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