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Eugene Genovese, Southern Historian, has died at 82

Eugene Genovese, best known for the magisterial Roll Jordan Roll: The World The Slaves Made, an account of the conditions of southern slavery from the point of view of the culture the slaves created, which won the Bancroft Prize in 1975, has died at 8s.  Genovese, who began his career known as a Marxist historian and ended as a conservative, but always idiosyncratic, emphasized in Roll Jordan Roll the role of religion in the efforts of the slaves to create and define their own culture.

The mid-70s was a kind of golden age for an undergraduate history student at Ole Miss, both because of the faculty, and because of the start of the chancellor’s symposium of southern history.  I got to meet historians like Genovese (and have a signed copy of Roll Jordan Roll to show for it, along with a signed copy of C. Vann Woodward’s The Origins of the New South).

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