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Book recommendation about the Hatfield-McCoy feud

For those watching the miniseries and wanting more, here’s a really excellent book from the 80s about the Hatfield  McCoy feud.  It’s by Altina Walker, titled Feud: Hatfields, McCoy and Social Change in Appalachia, 1860-1900.  It appears to be still in print, available from your local independent bookseller.

It’s wonderful southern / legal / Appalachian history (pick any one or all of the above) and describes what occurred while going deeper than the usual accounts, which are based on contemporary and newspaper accounts.  A very memorable book, highly recommended.

There’s an odd way the early parts of the series was like a Cliff notes version, checking off key elements of the story (returning McCoy in Union uniform, check, story about the stolen hog, check, Romeo and Juliet story but with the odd ending that Romeo marries her cousin, check), but by the time they get to the horrible massacre in the paw-paw patch, there’s a lot of momentum that works well.  It’s been enjoyable

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