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A beautiful dogtrot house, fading slowly away.

There’s a dogtrot house in Union County just East of the Enterprise community (where the West Union School is on Highway 30, for those who have driven from New Albany to Oxford) that I’ve admired for decades.  In the past, it could be hard to spot because of some woods near it, but there’s been some clearing and I got a good look at it driving through today.

Its appeal for me is largely the degree to which it was a classic and did not seem to have been altered much over the years.

I don’t think it’s going to last much longer, sad to say.

Here’s the front, facing the highway.

Here’s a look down the dogtrot.

The roof and attic on the West side is gone.

Around the back, you can see the way the dog trot breezeway becomes another porth on the back wing of the house.

Here’s a look in the frontmost side window from that side.  You can see some brown in the shadows on that back wall….

It’s beaded board that has never been painted and stained on an interior wall.

Here’s another look at the porch on the rear wing.

One unusual part (at least to me) is a wing coming off that rear wing.  You can see that here, and that there are porches wrapping around the East side of the house.

This one is not long for the world.  I always watch for it, going back and forth to New Albany; it will be really sad when and if I drive through and it’s not there.

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