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Some 78s to trade…

In the process of accumulating a lot of 78 records of interest to me, I’ve accumulated some that aren’t.

The oddest were the pile that started my collection:  A box that had once contained a crockpot, full to the brim with 78s, given to me sometime the 90s.  It was an odd miscellany:  a Hociel Thomas record on Okeh (this was a sibling of Victoria Spivey, and one of the first generation of recorded blues), a couple of Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers records, some forties pop-ish R&B, like Julia Lee.  But the oddest part of the miscellany was a large pile of records from the first two decades of the twentieth century, some as early as 1901 (and all in pretty decent condition).

The records had belonged to an elderly black woman in Water Valley, Mississippi, and I’ve spent a lot of time speculating how they came together in one pile.  My best guess is that she was given or acquired an old record player from a white family that had the records from about 1901-1920ish, and the later ones, starting with Hociel Thomas, she or her antecedents had added.  One interesting factor:  That would mean that the black family had bought a couple of Carter Family and a Jimmie Rodgers record.  I also speculated that I was looking at two generations:  A parent in the 20s who bought the Thomas (and the Carter and Rodgers), and their children in the 40s who bought the R&B like Julia Lee.

In any event, this process had left me thirty-something records that I’m willing to trade.  What interests me is blues, old-time country, honky tonk, R&B, and hot jazz, as you can see from this inventory of my records online.  So, if anything on the list below strikes your fancy, and you’ve got something you think might interest me, drop me a line and lets make a trade.


All Star Trio Rose of Washington Square You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet Victor 18659
The Ames Brothers Addio The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane RCA Victor 20-5897
The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra By the Saphirre Sea Poor Little Me Vocalion 14317
Henry Burr Love Me and the World Is Mine Columbia 3499
Henry Burr I’m Sorry I Made You Cry One Day in June Victor 18462
Arthur Collins – Ada Jones and Walter Van Brunt In the Land of Harmony All Alone Columbia A1010
Columbia Quartette Pride of the Prairie Columbia 3769
Dudley & McDonough In the Shadow of the Pines Victor 1076
Geeta Dutt – Rafi Mohd from the movie Kangan His Master’s Voice N 53164
Carl Fenton’s Orchestra Last Night On The Old Back Porch Chick-A-Dee Brunswick 2499
The Happy Six / Manhattan Orchestra Gypsy Blues Birds of A Feather Columbia A 3514
International Novelty Orchestra – The Great White Way Orchestra When Will The Sun Shine for Me Gone Victor 19069
Olive Kline-Elise Baker-Marguerite Dunlap Rockin’ Time Go To Sleep, My Dusky Baby Victor 17918
Harry Ladner Stop Your Tickling, Jock! Victor 52003
Lyons and Trepte Happy Days Victor 5308
Harry Macdonough Just Some One Victor 5488
Olive Kline – Harry Macdonough You’re Here and I’m Here Friend to the End Victor 17555
Billy Murray Ragtime Temple Bells Goodbye Girls, I’m Through Victor 17715
Harry Macdonough It’s Tulip Time in Holland When I Leave The World Behind Victor 17874
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra Star Dust Pennyslvania Six-Five Thousand RCA Victor 20-1567
Miss Ada Jones and Billy Murray Be My Little Teddy Bear Columbia 3697
Miss Jones and Mr. Murray Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Victor 5165
Miss Jones and Mr. Murray Cuddle Up A Little Closer Victor 5532
Palace Trio Hold Me Wondring Victor 18632
Prince’s Orchestra – Marshall Lufsky, Geo. Stehl and Paul Surth Mlle. Mischief Waltzes Grand Ma Columbia A625
James Reed – J.F. Harrison — Campbell – Burr – Oakland My Little Dream Girl Dear Love Days Victor 17789
Vincent Richards – Society Night Club Orchestra I Found The Gurl Of My Dreams Sweetheart of All My Dreams Cameo 9053
Victor Roberts For Every Boy Who’s On The Level I’m A Lonesome Little Raindrop Victor 18709
Selvin’s Orchestra Dreamy Melody Indiana Moon Vocalion 13621
Victor Sorlin Ave Maria – Cello Solo Columbia 3645
Miss Stevenson and Mr. Stanley Make Believe Columbia 3742
Cal Stewart – Corinne Morgan and Frank Stanley Uncle John’s Courtship When We Were Married Columbia A396
Arthur Lance – Velvetone Dance Orchestra Who’s Sorry Now I’m A Harmony Baby Cameo 385
Victor Orchestra Glow Worm Victor 5408
Reinaldp Werrenarth The Radiance In Your Eyes Smiles Victor 45155
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra I Never Knew Do You Ever Think of Me? Victor 18734
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra Bright Eyes Love Bird Victor 18735
Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra Somewhere Along The Way Vanessa RCA Victor 20-4691