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Wednesday Morning Various

  • Texas Federal judge Sam Sparks’s order inviting lawyers in a subpoena dispute to a “kindergarten class” drew national attention.  Including from Judge Edith Jones, chief judge of the Fifth Circuit.  She wrote Judge Sparks an email, noting the attention the order had drawn, and suggesting he rethink his tone:  “Frankly, this kind of rhetoric is not funny. In fact, it is so caustic, demeaning, and gratuitous that it casts more disrespect on the judiciary than on the now-besmirched reputation of the counsel. It suggests either that the judge is simply indulging himself at the expense of counsel…  I urge you to think before you write.”  The whole email is on the Texas Lawyer site.
  • Historian Taylor Branch writes about the the history of college sports in the current Atlantic, and concludes:  “For all the outrage, the real scandal is not that students are getting illegally paid or recruited, it’s that two of the noble principles on which the NCAA justifies its existence—“amateurism” and the “student-athlete”—are cynical hoaxes, legalistic confections propagated by the universities so they can exploit the skills and fame of young athletes. The tragedy at the heart of college sports is not that some college athletes are getting paid, but that more of them are not.”
  • Ryan Lizza at the New Yorker blog has a nice piece about Bachman and vacines.  Dr. X, who has been on a roll lately (check out his “The Uninsured are Just Dust“), also weighs in.
  • I knew Nick Lowe when he used to rock and roll. (link plays music).  Nick Lowe, most known for producing the early Elvis Costello albums and writing “The Beast in Me” and “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding,” has a new album out and will be touring with Wilco this Fall.  I posted this so I can write the lede sentence and possibly get a small laugh out of Scott Barretta or Pat Cochran.

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