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Wednesday Morning Various

  • They have found the ruins of a 16th Century Spanish fort in Western North Carolina, almost to the Smokies.
  • What’s a pilcrow?  Now you have a word for it.
  • If you use Facebook, and check messages, have you noticed that greyed out link that says “Other”?  This New York Times blog entry explains that this is messages from people who aren’t your Facebook friend.  It is largely spam, but frequently hides messages you would want to see.
  • You can compare and contrast the New York Times and Jerry Mitchell of the Clarion Ledger and how they approach the strange case of James Nichols, from Alligator, Mississippi (and Ole Miss alum) who moved to New York state, where, decades ago, he murdered his wife and walled her up in the basement.  The body was discovered after Nichols died.
  • John T. Edge is back in the New York Times with an interesting piece about curing (but not smoking) mullet roe in Florida.  It’s an Italian delicacy.  He also declared last weekend in a Parade Magazine piece that not only do reports from a decade or so ago that real barbecue was in real danger, we are in a barbecue golden age.   There is a fight back against those bogus electric “barbecue” ovens, which still seem to be everywhere.
  • While on the subject of excellent local writers, Wright Thompson has a piece up at ESPN about great fly rod maker, Tom Morgan, who has continued to produce rods after becoming paralyzed.   My father would have loved the piece.
  • Chef Daniel Boulud is having an odd week. Bill Buford has a piece about him in the New Yorker (only the beginning available to non-subscribers).  That has to be a pleasant prospect.  Meanwhile, in a review in the New York Times, drops his flagship restaurant, Daniel, from 4  starts to 3 after, among other things, running in some anonymous New York Times staffers on the same night of one of Wells meals, confirming that the celebrity treatment was a lot better than that for ordinary folk.  Meanwhile, Thomas Keller, possessor of 4 stars at Per Se, put this on Twitter. along with a link to the review:  “3 well deserved stars for my dear friend @DanielBoulud‘Every taste seems to transport you to another world'” That’s meant to be consoling?

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