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Tuesday Morning Various

  • Kingfish raises questions— lots of questions!– about the developer the City of Jackson chose for a hotel next to its convention center.  He’s been moving more and more into reporting, attending and putting up video on various state government meetings.
  • The NY Times has a good story about a Virginia innocence case, of Thomas Haynesworth, wrongfully convicted in multiple rapes.  After he was convicted and jailed, the actual perpetrator continued and was ultimately caught for those. They had rape kits for several that established who actually did those; Haynesworth was released for those and now wants exonerated on the remaining cases, obviously part of the same pattern.  The Virginia Attorney General, to his credit, agrees, but yet the Virginia courts are saying “wait a minute, you can’t just agree to this,” and will hold a hearing.
  • If you haven’t seen this video clip of Elizabeth Warren (now running for Senate in Massachusetts) talking about “class warfare” and taxes, you ought to.
  • What I’m reading about Ron Suskind’s new book raises enough questions about his reporting (now and in the past) that I’m foreswearing use of the phrase “reality based community.”
  • Hank Williams left notebooks of song lyrics without melodies, some nearly complete, some fragments.  Bob Dylan has had a role in the assembly of an album of singer-songwriters completing the songs and recordings them; it includes Merle Haggard, Lucinda Williams, Jack White, Alan Jackson, and Jakob Dylan.
  • They have once again arrested the toe suck fairy in Arkansas.

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