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Thursday Morning Various

  • The Clarion Ledger has a headline that makes me think:  “And the last mayor used a crew with sledgehammers.”– “Mayor Uses Small Ax.”  But, surprise, he used it on a budget, not a someone else’s house!
  • Ole Miss is welcoming Robert Khayat back to part-time work:

Khayat, who retired at the end of June after 14 years as the university’s leader, is expected to start back next month as a university consultant, distinguished professor and chancellor emeritus.”I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the university and (Ole Miss Chancellor Dan) Jones and my friends,” he said Wednesday.

The hire is pending approval from the state College Board. The item is on the consent agenda for the board meeting today.

Khayat will be paid $160,875 a year – half of which will come from the University of Mississippi Foundation.

Because of the job’s part-time status, he will remain eligible for retirement benefits from the state. …

Khayat’s new duties have not been formally outlined, but Jones said he thinks his predecessor will be able to bring a lot to the university through fundraising.

“People tell me he’s a pretty good fundraiser,” Jones said with a laugh. “We’re certainly going to ask him to be involved with that.”

Khayat, 71, also has expressed interest in teaching and said he possibly could start with a leadership class in the spring.

“I will do what (Jones) asks,” he said.

Higher Education Commissioner Hank Bounds said Khayat’s salary pales in comparison to the amount Khayat can potentially bring in as a university fundraiser.

  • Ipse Blogit has speculation on the empty Hinds County circuit bench spot.
  • Just for everyone’s understanding, various threads are also open threads as far as I am concerned.

9 comments to Thursday Morning Various

  • Observer

    OPEN THREAD-TYPE COMMENT: When Ed Peters was DA, the Clarion-Ledger beat him to death every day — every DAY — until he indicted Beckwith. Neither the C-L or anyone else ever cared that the prosecution of Beckwith was a complete and ultimate violation of the 6th Amendment (but that’s beside the current argument). I don’t like the “separate sovereigns” side-step around Double Jeopardy, but since it is a legally recognized doctrine, why isn’t the C-L beating the Hinds County DA (and/or Jim Hood) to death every day about prosecuting Peters? Why in the world is the C-L accepting Hood’s lame excuse about ‘not prosecuting family’ ? Hood’s inaction reeks — maybe even as badly as the things DeLaughter did.

  • NoMiss

    Robert Khayat, defender and bff of Dickie Scruggs, does not need to teach at the University of Mississippi. And he needs to get off the university’s payroll.

  • Outsider

    Peters, like seems to have some kind of protection in place. Who else could engage in the kind of misconduct he has admitted to and suffer no consequences other than having to surrender a part of his ill gotten gains? I wonder if the public is going to tolerate this.

  • Phantom

    On the bacon front, Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel’s ‘Man v. Food’ described bacon as “God’s bookmark” on last night’s episode.

  • Royclaude

    NMC,have those dairy farmers you talk about got some of those 2% and skim cows yet?

  • ampal

    ed peters should be prosecuted like fried bacon. that would be god’s bookmark on oxford.

  • NMC

    Royclaude, they have lowfat milk and cream in addition to the whole milk they began with. And the lowfat tastes as rich as any whole milk you’ve had from a grocery store. Great stuff.

  • WantedToBeALawyer

    NMC, you have probably seen this, but the headline is “Media protests SEC credential policy”. Glad to see that this is not being completely accepted by all media.

  • WantedToBeALawyer

    For the Tom Ewell fans out there, “The Seven Year Itch” is on the Fox Movie Channel right now. Oh yeah, and Marilyn Monroe. It repeats at 12:15 AM.

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