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Thursday Morning Open Thread

  • Brett Anderson’s New Orleans dining guide in the Times Picayune is out including his list of five great new places and his annual top ten.  Meanwhile, there are rumors that Anderson will be taking the restaurant critic job at the New York Times, although the publication of the dining guide pretty much answers one speculator’s reasoning (that Anderson had not published anything in a few weeks).  A New Orleans blogger at Gambit has some doubts.  And there’s this odd coincidence:  prior critic Sam Sifton’s last post on the New York Times dining/food blog seems to have been a link to Anderson’s guide.
  • Inspired by North Carolina pork barbecue and invented by a European trained chef, made with the magic of meat glue from “comminuted” (chipped and chopped) pork parts such as heart, tripe, stomach, tongue, and random scraps, and here-today-gone-tomorrow, it’s the McRib, and there’s a complete explanation, including the market-based reasoning for it’s regular demise and resurrection (along with this bit of Twitter Feed: “The McRib has come back like twenty times. Balls in your court, Jesus”) on the Chicago Magazine blog.
  • The Open Culture site, which features free video and audio on the web, has Alan Lomax’s short movie from 1946 “To Hear Your Banjo Play,” in which there’s footage of Woody Guthrie both alone and with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee along with lots of Pete Seeger.  There’s much of interest on the site, including Marcel Duchamp’s “Anémic Cinéma” from the twenties.
  • I was unaware  Louis Farrahkhan was abducted by space aliens from a mountaintop in Tepoztlan, in the Mexican state of Morelos. It’s too bad they brought him back.

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