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The plot thickens on elder abuse and the Senate campaign

The Clarion Ledger reports (via Sun Herald), about Clayton Kelly (alleged rogue photographer if Mrs. Cochran):

Tara Kelly provided the Clarion-Ledger with a photo of a pass from St. Catherine’s from a Sunday. She says he was given the visitor’s pass, but it is unclear where it came from.

The pass says, “St. Catherine’s village visitor vehicle pass, Sunday.” The directions state, “Place on vehicle dashboard facing outwards. This permit authorizes the bearer to enter and park on the grounds of St. Catherine’s Village. This pass must be returned to the welcome center upon exit.”

It does not have a more specific date than “Sunday.” No one answered the phone at St. Catherine’s Village Sunday to answer questions about how passes are issued.

Sounds like a potential for codefendants.

Does a $100k bond seem a bit much to folks?

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