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The Giant Mouse Has Left Elvis Presley and the Building

As Vance Lauderdale notes, first the giant shoe on Lamar, and now this.

Until first thing tomorrow morning, and since 1978, there has been a giant mouse with a wedge of cheese on top of Atomic Pest Control at 2371 Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis  (This is not a stretch of Elvis Presley Blvd that readers commonly travel.  I certainly don’t; it’s a few blocks north of where Elvis Presley crosses 240, just a little east of the 240/55 interchange and without an exit).

Atomic Pest Control is merging with another pest control company, and the new entity no longer wants the… sculpture, so it’s being given to a more appreciating pest control company in Georgia.

Memphis Magazine’s Ask Vance has more details (as always), including the statute’s origins as a promotion for one of the worst movies of the 70s, Willard.

Yet another way, in matters large and small, Memphis does not tend to its heritage.

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