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Sample Ballot for Lafayette County for November

Note: I will link sites for other candidates if they are sent.

I almost headed this post “are you voting for Rico or Rocky, or, do you know who Rico Hoskins or Rocky Kennedy are?

The answers:  Rico is running as an independent for the 1st Congressional District seat and Rocky is running in the special election for Lafayette County Coroner against Richard Shivers and Lonnie Weaver.  We’re having that special election because Lonnie Weaver resigned after being caught embezzling from the state coroner’s association (the resignation is noted in the next-to-last item in this post).

Between the first race for Congress and the last race for coroner, there are a lot of important judicial races.  Jimmy Maxwell (Court of Appeals District 1, Position 1), Glen Alderson (Chancery, District 18, Place 1), and Andy Howorth (Circuit, District 3, Place 1) are unopposed.

Contested judicial races are:

Court of Appeals. District 1 Position 2: Donna Barnes (incumbent, appointed by Gov. Barbour) versus Kelly Mims.  Both are from Tupelo.

Chancery Court, District 18, Position 2:  Ed Roberts (incumbent for 8 years), versus Helen Kennedy Robinson.  Both live in Oxford now; Helen Robinson is a longtime resident of Marshall County.  I could not find a website for Helen Robinson.

CIrcuit Court, District 3, Place 2:  Robert Elliott (incumbent seeking reelection for the first time), versus Shirley Byers.  I could not find a web site for either of them.  Judge Elliott is from Ripley and Shirley Byers is from Holly Springs, where she is currently County Attorney.  She previously served as a circuit judge in Greenville, where she was defeated for reelection just as a judicial performance commission panel recommendation to remove her from office came before the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Circuit Court, District 3, Place 3:  This is an open seat created by Henry Lackey’s retirement. John Gregory of Okalona versus Tom Levidiotis and Dave Rozier of Oxford.  Rozier has been in Oxford about three years, having practiced in Jackson before that.  Levidiotis was a long time public defender and, very briefly last year, an Assistant District Attorney here in Oxford.

Some of these races may be close calls as to who to pick and some are not at all.  I’m trying to figure out what to say about all that while keeping in mind that I plan to keep practicing law in this part of the world.

I will say of the trial court races, I’m supporting Ed Roberts, Robert Elliott, and John Gregory, all of whom I have known for decades.

Here is a PDF of the Lafayette County Sample Nov 2010 Election Ballot

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