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Update: The snake is probably a fake. Was: Ridiculously Large Rattlesnake In Pontotoc, MS?

update: The snake has cropped up before and is apparently the photo is a fake or at least not as attributed.

Whoever faked it up on Facebook gets points for selecting a suitably obscure county and real road near Pontotoc and dubbing the guy with the snake “Jobab..” Thanks to RebelHubby in comments.

A Mr. Stephen Warren of Baldwyn, MS, posted this on facebook, stating that someone named Jobab killed it on Pontocola Road in Troy, Mississippi (about a third of the way toward Houston southwest of Pontotoc).  It is reputed to be ten feet long and weighed 120 pounds.

If this is true, according to this thread on Snopes.com, it would be a world record (the reported 15 foot diamondback in that thread turned out to have been “only” just over seven foot).

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  • Ben

    I call bullshit on this one.

    That’s a substantial rattler alright, but its size is greatly exaggerated by holding it significantly closer to the camera lens than the man is standing. I’ll venture that the serpent is no more than 5′ long (plenty long enough for me) and weighs no more than 8-10 lbs.

    I’m sorry … rattlesnakes just don’t grow to 10′ lengths and 120 lbs weights. For which I give thanks.

    Next slide.

  • PostHoleDigger

    A pair of boots, a hat band, and several belts worth of snake.

  • NMC

    I see there are documented eastern diamondbacks of over 7 feet, and not-well documented instances going over 8 feet.

    The weight does seem wildly wrong looking at the reported weights on that wikipedia link…

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    The Florida snake looks much bigger.

  • jlw

    Yeah, I can’t believe the snake in that photo weighs 12 pounds per foot.

    On the other hand, the beer can in the corner really adds a je ne sais quoi to the whole thing. I wish there were a cigarette dangling out of that guy’s mouth.

  • Hunter

    This isn’t real. I have been seeing this picture floating around the internet for about a year now. It has been said that it was killed in Georgia, Texas, Florida and other states. From what I have been told the photo has been photoshopped.

  • NMC


    here’s part of my analysis of this photo–

    beer? check
    appropriate name? (Jobab!) check
    Locality with similarly colorful name (Pontocola Road!) check
    Is the guy with the snake wearing a gimmie cap? check

    So, you’re right, there’s a missing dangling cigarette but otherwise this photo checks out on many of the indicies of… of something…

  • DeltaLawMama

    a tineye search of the image found one (1) match on ireport.cnn.com file name imagejpg-1397462_sm.jpg from last August

  • RebelHubby

    He done got himself one a them doppelgangers in California!

  • Jojo

    Got a recipe for cooking this thing?

  • Chico Harris

    Might be Mississippi or Miss., but not MS.

  • Rebelyell

    The George County Times (Lucedale) used to constantly have photos on the front page of people holding large rattlesnakes that they had killed. It turns out that many or all of them were endangered species. So the editors quit running the snake photos. I don’t think the residents quit killing them.

  • nicevegas

    What Mississippi snakes are on the endangered species list? I am not aware of any poisonous snakes on the list.

  • NMC

    Eastern Diamondbacks are pretty much ok, I thought.

    As much as I’m committed to the idea of preserving biological diversity, I’d have trouble worrying about the loss of pit vipers native to North Mississippi.

  • sonny

    Just skin him and use whatever you would use on chicken. It’s not very fat, so you have to watch the heat and time. There’re probably recipes on the net, e.g., Billy Joe Cross, but it ain’t hard. I haven’t cooked one, but ate some a bunch of drunks cooked, so, like I said, it’s not hard. And, it’s pretty good. And, you can brag that you ate snake – like I’m doing.

    And, finally, I call bs on it too for all the above reasons.

  • sra

    when i was little we killed a rattle snake in laurel ms. it was about that size. it was published in the laurel leader call paper

  • RazorRedux

    I’m going to throw the BS rag on this one. This is an old photograph, just as Hunter states. I have one over five foot mounted with 13 and a button rattles,and have been told by reliable sources at the Ms Museum of Natural History that mine is “…a really big specimen…” and it is no where near as big as it proclaimed in this pictue. In fact, I had people this very morning show me the picture and ask me just how big it really was in comparison to the one I have mounted, dead as a hammer on a board in my den. (Ms. Razor don’t allow dead things (see deer heads) in her house), except that this one actually attempted to bite me, unsucessfully. He was decapitated by a precision cutting instrument (see machete) by me. AKA, I won.

    Upon further review, once again I say, “BS”.

  • NMC

    After I posted this, I almost immediately posted that this was faked to some degree, and was not in Pontotoc back in January.

    I’m not sure what’s drawing attention to it now, but there are a lot of folks coming here looking for it.

  • RazorRedux

    Quick story. My youngest son came into the garage one day telling me, “Daddy, there is a snake in the backyard.” I replied, “Okay, leave him alone.” He again exclaimed, much more intense, “But, it looked at me and moved.” I replied, “Okay, just leave him alone.” He then cried,”It’s a REALLY big snake and it is in OUR BACKYARD NOW.” I stopped what I was doing and went into the backyard to investigate where I noticed that a lot of leaves were against my fence, since it was in November/December. And a big oak limb that had fallen amongst the leaves. I touched the end of the fallen oak limb and noticed it moved against the fence, covered by leaves and made a lot of noise when doing so.

    I told him he was pretty good at locating snakes and that it appeared he was afraid of three kinds of snakes, “Live ones, dead ones. And limbs in leaves that look like snakes.”

    He hates when I tell this true story.

  • This is not a B.S. picture , it was killed at a deer camp in south louisiana,, people can believe it or not. i personally know one of the men that was there the day it was killed..and it was killed last summer.. and farther more my father killed one in west Texas, that had 22 rattlers and a button that weighed right at 100 lbs.. my father used to trap rattlers for a living at one time, so yeah i have seen some pretty big ones,..

  • pr1954

    I think Tina was up past her bedtime

  • Lee Cheney

    I was working in Carthage MS and went in a local hardware store there and the had stuffed snakes and bob cats and a mountain loin. Some of the rattle snakes were very close to that size.

  • Don Radcliffe

    This may be a fake but they do get this big in Georgia. About 10 years ago driving through Oliver Georgia, I saw a diamondback on the highway, he covered one whole lane and about 2 foot remained on the grassy shoulder.I got out of my car to pull him off of the highway, as traffic was approaching from the opposite direction I was heading. I grabbed him by his tail and pulled him off the road, and there I stood with 17 buttons in my hand. This really teed him off. He quickly coiled and got in the attack mode. and began rattelling, with 6 remaining buttons, that’s a total of 23. His head was as big as my fist, and the body about 4 inches in diameter. I got him back in the woods safely, and saved an incredible reptile, of which this size are getting rare.

  • People need to get out and get with nature more; In 1972,In Spring Sity Tenn, At a international wood yard; A log truck pulled up on scales, while at window a Timber rattler crawel out his truck, The guard shot and killed it, The The head of game & fish commision,doctermented it, AS beinging 11 ft. & 3 inches long: And weighed in at 185 lbs, It was stretched out with a long tape, backbefore you could doctor pictures, Its picture was on front page of news paper: Also one was killed at camp shelby,( army base )) few years back, lil over 9 ft. weighed 125 lbs, it was verivied by the army camp commander. As of now all snakes are procted
    , its a $250.00 bucks for killing one>

  • The information submitted by Mr. William Beckham, October 19, 2011 at 4:25 pm, concerning the diamondback rattlesnake killed on Camp Shelby is factual as far as having published photo’s. The photo I saw of the snake shows a man holding it draped on a stick. The man’s eyes were visible above the back of the snake. Both the head and tail of the snake were on the ground. The head of the snake was wider than the toe of the man’s boot and the girth was larger than a man’s upper leg. (no kidding) The photo was in a news paper article. I think it said the snake was killed in 1957 on Camp Shelby.

  • Gary

    Nobody has told just how deadly these Reptiles are !!! Just tink about how they hunt by heat detection ! Inject venom , back off let Ya die ! Then eat their Kill ! Pretty efficient
    if Ya ask me ? Just like the lawyer ad just 1 call ? Just 1 bite !

  • Steve

    I saw this before and it was claimed to have been be killed near Laurel Ms. I saw a rattler near Lock E on the Tenn-Tom waterway that was close in size . The bigger they are the easier they are to shoot. I live 10 miles from the Pontocola Road and have never heard of no rattlesnakes in that area, lots of copperheads but few rattlers.

  • Phillip

    This is nowhere near Pontotoc, MS. Look at the Spanish Moss in the tree behind the truck. This was within 100 miles of the coast somewhere. I am betting Florida or Georgia. I would bet around 7 foot long and maybe 20 lbs. You want to prove size and weight show it flat against a tape measure, and in a basket on a scale. There are no Eastern Diamondbacks in North Mississippi. I live within 10 miles of the Troy community.

  • TS

    This is no fake, was killed in Casey Co, ky 2 years ago. My co worker new the man in the pic and saw the snake first hand.

  • At Cass West Virginia
    there is a museum that had Rattlesnakes this big (mounted) on display in the 1960s and 70s. These monster snakes were killed when they put the Railroad tracks in across the Mountains. I do not know what year they were put in the Museum, I called there 2 years ago because I wanted my Husband to see them. I was told that the family that owned them took them out some years ago and sold them at Auction. The Snakes were huge and if I remember correctly there was 5 or more of them. When I called the women I spoke to did not remember (too young) but they finally had someone that used to work there call me and she remembered and told me about the owner selling them.

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