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Update: The snake is probably a fake. Was: Ridiculously Large Rattlesnake In Pontotoc, MS?

update: The snake has cropped up before and is apparently the photo is a fake or at least not as attributed.

Whoever faked it up on Facebook gets points for selecting a suitably obscure county and real road near Pontotoc and dubbing the guy with the snake “Jobab..” Thanks to RebelHubby in comments.

A Mr. Stephen Warren of Baldwyn, MS, posted this on facebook, stating that someone named Jobab killed it on Pontocola Road in Troy, Mississippi (about a third of the way toward Houston southwest of Pontotoc).  It is reputed to be ten feet long and weighed 120 pounds.

If this is true, according to this thread on Snopes.com, it would be a world record (the reported 15 foot diamondback in that thread turned out to have been “only” just over seven foot).

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