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Region’s Bank Customer Service

I have a few accounts at Regions Bank, out of some form of inertia.  They originated when the place was called Bank of Oxford.  Yesterday while I was out of town, some person at Regions called the office and asked for me and would not leave a number but asked me to call back.

So I look in the phone book and, for each branch in town they list the same 1-800 number.  I called that number.  It gives me four options:  Information on existing accounts, information on branch and atm locations, reporting a card lost or stolen, or information on new accounts.

I press 1.

It asks for my SSN.  I give it that.  It asks for a telephone banking pin.  I have never set up a telephone banking pin.

I go back to the phone numbers in the phone book.  There’s a number below all the branch numbers for mortgage information.  I know that’s not it, but call it anyway.  I get a voice message from someone (whose name I do not recognize) stating that she no longer works at Regions and gives a long list of other people I could call.  I don’t recognize any of those names either, and give up and hang up.

I call back the 1-800 number again and go through the options again to write this post.  While I’m typing and not providing a telephone pin (after a long time just hanging there), the computer tells me it does not recognize my response (I made none!) and was going to connect me to someone.  Well, good.  I let that happen. I get someone on the phone who can provide me with no information or even an educated guess as to why I was favored with the call yesterday.  She gives me another 1800 number I can try…

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