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“Possums don’t like pepper, so, don’t give an opossum pepper.”

Ever wonder how to give a pedicure to a possum, or want to cook for one? These completely bonkers videos are part of a series. Slate Magazine (which posted the pedicure one) seemed unsure whether these videos were serious. While I’m sure they’re not, the woman still seems entirely insane.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

There’s another one on possum massage (“one mistake that people often make when massaging an opossum…”) all seemingly originating from a website called Pearls of Wisdom.

12 comments to “Possums don’t like pepper, so, don’t give an opossum pepper.”

  • That has to one of the damfoolishist (is that a word) things I have ever seen.

  • meanwhile

    that animal obviously has no teeth.

  • Anderson

    Sitting in Rue de la Course on Magazine this am, me and the Mrs cackling at the video even without sound. But now my wife wants a possum.

  • Ben

    I’m letting her have ALL my possum bidness. Good help is SO hard to find.

  • NMC

    meanwhile gets my favorite comment of the week– I spent the whole time watching those videos wondering why that possum didn’t decide she’d had it and bite that woman. I have very vivid memory of seeing those needle-like teeth on possums.

  • a friend of the law

    This reminds me of the Doctor on Hee Haw played by Archie Campbell. Patient: “Doc, it hurts when I do this (patient motioning)”. Doc: “Well, don’t do that”.

  • DeltaLawMama

    That possum is clearly drunker than a skunk or has been force fed several Ativan(TM) and/or Thorazine(TM) tablets because it certainly doesn’t seem to give a damn about the pedicure. Leads me to believe that the lady’s family is aiding and abetting her her strange hobby to avoid having to have a lunacy hearing convened on her behalf.

  • Indigo73

    This reminds me of a conversation in the Leflore County courthouse about things one would or would not eat. Someone mentioned possum. A guy said, “I ain’t eatin’ no damn possum. I’ve seen too many possums crawl out the @ss of a dead cow.” Enough about possums.

  • pr1954

    Indigo, that in turn reminds me of a comment at one of the SFA symposiums. We were all discussing chitlin’s, when someone spoke up and said “you gotta be mighty hungry to skin a turd”.

  • Alan

    “Do NOT put false fingernails on your opossum. I cannot emphasize that enough. NO!” Words to live by.

    While the possum was surprisingly sedate, the look on its face seemed to say to me: “Somebody get me the hell away from this crazy woman! She’s freakin’ me out, man!”

  • web

    I ran a wildlife rehab center in Memphis (Lichterman Nature Center) for several years and believe it or not, if you have captive wildlife you must do nail and talon trims frequently. I will assume this lady is a rehabber with one deliciously wacky sense of humor. It sure made me laugh! It probably was made for a conference as humor. The Wildlife Rehab. conferences demonstrate we (and I include myself) have some pretty ‘wild’ people in that line of work with bold personalities.
    At LNC, we received several former pet ‘possums through the years who worked out well for education programs because they were so docile. Wild ones, and ones to be released, of course, generally are not. Hand raised is one thing. Wild caught is another. Catching a wild one is tricky but can be done by an experienced person. But… do not try this at home…please. (and If you do, then please post it on Youtube.)
    These are the funniest things I’ve seen about oppossums yet (until I see one about somebody trying to catch one)! LMAO!

  • Buster Turtle

    A friend told me about this and I just had to check it out!! Hysterical!! This could be a Saturday Night Live Skit! Thanks for the laugh!

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