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My mom and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

My mom grew up in the region around New York– born in Hartford, Connecticut, and childhood in Connecticut, Long Island, and other places in the area before her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida when she was a teenager.  So perhaps I grew up viewing the balloons and all from the Macy’s parade as a bigger thing than other kids growing up in the South.

This week, I showed her the internet sites with photographs of creepy balloons from the early years of the parade, and asked her if that was her memory of it.

She said she’d never seen the parade as a child, and explained why, with this memory:  Standing in a window at (I gather) age six or so, watching as her parents and her younger sister drove away, headed to the parade! It seems that the one time her family went to the parade, mom was ill with glandular fever (now called mononucleosis) and could not go, and so her parade memory is watching from the window as everyone left her.


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