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Monday Morning Various

The NY Times has a bio of Ron Paul up to the point he entered politics in the 1970s.  It fills in a lot of details (in a way that I think Paul-ites would think fair), including where his views about money originated– his parents were very conservative German immigrants whose family had lost everything in the German hyperinflation.

At the The New York Review of Books, Michael Tomasky reviews two Romney biographies, with a bit more editorializing.

Meanwhile, from West Virginia:  The guy who sued the fraternity wasn’t the drunk brother who tried to shoot a bottle rocket out of his rear end– it exploded at launch, surprising everyone– it was the drunk brother who, startled by the unexpected explosion, fell backwards off the rail-less deck.  And the plaintiff’s lawyer alleges the specific facts in hilarious detail.  h/t Walter Olson.

Andrew Zimmern (of Bizarre Foods) writes about how much he likes John T. Edge and is looking forward to Edge’s upcoming food truck book.

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