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Mississippi leads nation in proportion of same-sex couples raising children

Daily Journal reports that Mississippi leads the nation in the proportion of same-sex couples rearing children (while being 41st nationwide in the overall ratio of same-sex couples).  This is a finding of the Williams Institute, which is based upon 2010 census data.  The institute is putting out maps for each state; the above from the Mississippi Report shows same-sex couples by county, and there are maps for men, women, and for couples with children.  The variation in these maps are really interesting, and from the report itself you learn that Hancock and then Marshall are the counties with the most same-sex couples per couple, while Hattiesburg and then Jackson the cities with the most same-sex couples.

The Daily Journal story says:

Although the state ranks 41st nationwide in its overall ratio of same-sex couples, the portion of those who raise children outranks the rest of the country.

Nearly 6,300 gay or lesbian couples live together statewide, with one-third of them raising children, according to the Williams Institute, a leading think tank in the field of sexual orientation and gender identity issues in law and public policy.

The institute this summer released state-by-state snapshots of same-sex couple demographics based on 2010 census data. Mississippi’s was issued Thursday, along with those of four other states.

It also revealed that Northeast Mississippi has a high concentration of gay or lesbian households relative to the rest of the state: Tupelo ranks fifth statewide among all cities with at least 50 same-sex couples, Marshall County ranks second and Itawamba County fifth statewide among all counties.

The numbers are “not really surprising to me,” said Gary J. Gates with the Williams Institute. “Child-rearing among same-sex couples is higher in more socially conservative areas like the South where … people come out later in life and are more likely to have had a child with a different-sex partner before they were out.”

8 comments to Mississippi leads nation in proportion of same-sex couples raising children

  • Anderson

    Cue Phil Bryant dressed as Dom DeLuise from his big number in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

  • P.B. Pike

    As much as I wish it were true, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that map is accurate. The only way I can see it even close is if “same sex couple” does not mean the same as “gay couple.” If they’re counting any household where the adults are of the same sex, regardless of romantic commitment, then yeah, probably. But Itawamba in the top five counties for concentration of gay couples in Mississippi? That speaks for itself.

  • Rebelyell

    P.B. Pike, you just don’t know. Personally I don’t care for these changes. I HATE CHANGE!!!!! Also, Itawamba County is one of the most liberal counties in the state, at least based on the people I know from there. They are so liberal it’s like they were from outer space.

  • Ignatius

    The 2010 Census sought clarification on the relationships of those living in the household with three options: roomer/boarder, housemate/roommate, or unmarried partner. The roomer/boarder relationship was based on some type of consideration exchange. The housemate/roommate relationship was based on sharing expenses. The unmarried partner relationship specifically identified those in a “close personal relationship” including domestic partnerships or civil unions. So, the statistics should be relatively straightforward without much wiggle room or ambiguity.

    Suck it up, Rebelyell. Accept change. A kinder, gentler world is passing you by.

  • Rebelyell

    Ignatius, I know, and if folks are living the way they want to live it suits me fine. My only concern would be how the kids would be treated in school.

    I’m not too caught up with the morals of the thing. I just hate change.

  • Ignatius

    Children will be children. Fickle little humans. They alternate between wanting to conform and wanting to rebel. They will find a way to single each other out whether it’s the shoes on their feet or other socioeconomic indicators, their lack of athletic or academic abilities or any of a thousand characteristics that distinguish us all. So, worry not for these children. Their chances of escaping their childhoods emotionally unscathed is much higher in today’s more liberal attitudes towards sexual orientation and what comprises a family.

    I laugh imagining the children who I taught and the verbal joust of “the dozens” that always entertained them so. When confronted with the popular “your momma” insult, they can at least respond: “Which one?”

  • Ben

    Rebelyell: Embrace change. Change is good. Change is permanent.

  • Anderson

    Change is inevitable. We don’t step twice into the same rivers.

    … You wanna talk about change? Detroit 27-10 at the half vs. New England. That is change.

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