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Marshall Ramsey on Greenwood politics

Readers may not be aware, but the other day the acting police chief in Greenwood announced his retirement to the city council, and, at the same time, stated his view that the mayor was “the antichrist.”  And Beelzebub, a deceiver and the “seven heads and ten horns on Satan, the Devil himself.”  (I think he should have said “herself” here but the guy was kind of worked up.” My two favorite responses are, first, from Marshall Ramsey.

crossroad cartoon


The second is from councilman David Jordan, who the Clarion Ledger quotes:

He told Langdon that he admired him and his work, but he said that if Langdon’s accusations have any merit, “We have a big problem here.”

Yes, I think we can all agree that if the Antichrist is your mayor, you have a big problem there.

You can watch video and a bit of response from the mayor at the Clarion Ledger. 

h/t Scott Barretta, who is following all this in Greenwood.

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