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If you are watching baseball and surfing…

Check out the New York Times liveblogging of the game.  And here’s Yogi Berra’s reaction to last night’s game:  “One of the most exciting, screwiest games I’ve seen. Yeah, it ain’t over it til it’s over but that one should’ve been over a while ago.”


Watching in the 5th.  Bases loaded and Molina is up.  They walked Freese.  How many guys in the Cardinals order are they afraid to pitch to now?

Hitting the sixth guy in the order with a pitch is probably not a good move for the reliever.  5-2 Cadinals!


7th Inning. Freese up with one out an a runner on first.   Will they pitch to him?  Sorta.  Ball 3. 3 and 0.

From the New York Times liveblog:  “A overserved gentleman several rows in front of the press box loudly chimes in on God Bless America, exceedingly off-key. This could be a long night for the local police if the Cardinals win this.”

6-2 in the Seventh!  Molina’s second hit, second RBI, right up the middle.



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