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Write Chris in! Write Chris in!

The title is what the crowd was yelling at Chris McDaniel’s non-concession speech last night.

I know that the McDaniel people don’t care about actual facts like the laws in the statute books and are much more likely to listen to… I’m not sure.  The voices in their heads.  And maybe I should keep this quiet, but…  There’s this:

There shall be left on each ballot one (1) blank space under the title of each officeto be voted for, and in the event of the death, resignation, withdrawal or removal of any candidate whose name shallhave been printed on the official ballot, the name of the candidate duly substituted in the place of such candidatemay be written in such blank space by the voter.

Miss. Code. Ann. § 23-15-365 (1).
The Mississippi Supreme Court long ago construed this statute to require that write in votes are illegal except where a candidate has died between the printing of general election ballots and the general election.  So, yes! Come November and the general election, NMissCommentor officially endorses the strategy Write Chris In!
And I will note here that I hope and pray my analysis doesn’t embolden some McDaniel dead-ender with a gun.

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