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Tom Toles on the GOP Primaries

The Washington Post has a pretty hilarious slide show of Tom Toles’s cartoons about the GOP primaries. I’ve put two below.

History lesson from Newt Gingrich

22 comments to Tom Toles on the GOP Primaries

  • Silence DoGood

    So, is that Hopium the businessman is smoking?

  • Anderson

    I would think twice before depicting a black candidate as a character with a big, pearly smile. Just sayin’.

  • NMC

    Hmmm…. Didn’t Cain bring that on himself, though, Anderson, with the closing bit in all his commercials?

  • DeltaLawMama

    @SDG The smoking man is supposed to be the Cain Campaign Manager.

  • Anderson

    NMC: if you say so; I have been blessed with not yet having seen a 2012 campaign commercial.

    Not saying Toles had any invidious intent; just something to avoid on general principle, like blackface at a college party.

  • P.B. Pike

    It’s so obviously the Cheshire Cat, a symbol with no racist connotations, that even the race-baiters on the right wouldn’t try to take it there. I could be proven wrong though.

  • CMW1980

    Cain totally opened himself up to the Cheshire Cat comparison with this weirdo ad. I see no racial connotation whatsoever.

    That being said, the cheshire cat probably had a little firmer grasp of events in Uzbecky-becky-becky-stan and nuclear weapon envious China.

    And the presidents stance on Libya? Which one is that? I think I’m against it.

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    President Obama called for the removal of Gadhafi? …. Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say, yes I agree, I know I didn’t agree…. I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason ……… No, that’s a different one ……… I gotta go back to ………. Got all this stuff twirling around in my head …………. Specifically, what are you asking me, did I agree or not disagree with on what?

  • Outsider

    Now that the “Supercommittee” has thrown in the towel, are the Simpson-Bowles recommendations back on the table for discussion, or are we just going to ride it out all the way to a crash of the economy? The country’s representatives in D.C. seem to me to be acting like people in an argument over which flavor ice cream to buy when they represent a group, half of whom want vanilla (spending cuts) and half of whom want chocolate (increased revenue). It seems so obvious that they should agree on half vanilla and half chocolate rather than reaching a stalemate that yields no ice cream at all.

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    Chocolate AND Vanilla?!?! Has a socialist ring to it.

  • Hootie Dasher

    Say what you want about Newt but you gotta give him credit for understand policy-making. The super-committee idea at its core is fundamentally flawed. I don’t want a star chamber established by Congress. The constitution contemplates all of congress approving legislation, including budget matters. It matters not one whit to me that the supper committee failed to reach an agreement. Now it’s time for Congress to deal with budget matters.

  • P.B. Pike

    I agree the super committee was cynical and idiotic from the start, and it had no chance of succeeding since it was conceived and birthed by total incompetents. And I would never say Newt doesn’t understand policymaking, since all you need to understand it is a single symbol, repeated ad infinitum:


    To the contrary, Newt has mastered policymaking, hasn’t he? He also lies about his role in it. Not “distorts” his role, not “spins.” He outright lies about it. No wonder he shows nothing but contempt for the Occupy movement and, instead of responding to it on substance, spews one tired Archie Bunker culture-war slur after another, to the raucous, self-satisfied applause of the right. He’s been paid a mint to talk like that for over ten years, and after either Romney or Obama beats him, he’ll get paid even more to do it again.

  • Ignatius

    As for Newt’s comments about students taking over for janitors and his criticism of those outdated child labor laws (bait for ColRebSez), Newt is actually on to something. I have seen a great grant program that paid high school students to tutor lower elementary students after school. It was only six-eight hours per week at minimum wage, but in a rural community with no other possibilities of employment for teenagers (no paper routes there, CRS), the high school students appreciated having some money in their pockets and the elementary students saw their knowledge base expand and their test scores rise. Win-win.

  • P.B. Pike

    This rant against child labor laws is just the latest recorded example of Gingrich’s abject lack of integrity and capability as a “man of ideas,” a ludicrous title that insults both men and ideas.

    This is about hurting unions, first and foremost. Notice he didn’t propose firing any janitors who don’t belong to unions, just the lazy, over-privileged, over-paid unionized janitors. Let’s put them out of work in the middle of the worst job market in 30 years. Why? For the children, of course.

    The pathetic switch to focusing on children insults everybody’s intelligence: the proposal is to instill in children an appreciation for the dignity of work, and the first step is to humiliate and impoverish the hard-working adult janitors at their schools, sending those people straight to the unemployment dole — a status that Gingrich is sure to demean even further, as soon as he gets the chance. It’s disgraceful and transparently stupid, but it passes for “out of the box” thinking on the right. Indeed, it’s the kind of stinking hypocrisy we’ve come to expect: moralizing lectures about the dignity of work from a man who took at leat $1.6 million from Fannie and Freddie and then lies about how he earned it as a historian. He is an odious, repulsive, swine-like presence in our politics.

    And does anybody think for a second that if President Obama had such demeaning things to say about janitorial work the right’s propaganda machine would not immediately accuse him of snobbishly pissing on good ol’ American blue collar workers? The Krauthammer-O’Reilly-Ingraham sermonizing would last til the New Year.

  • Hootie Dasher

    Unions’ purpose is now vastly different from their origin. For every virtue there are 10 excesses. The unions should regroup and redefine themselves but that is pollyanna-ish to think. They are a machine for bigger government and that in itself puts them on the watch list for me. The debate should be on the unions and not the anti-union messengers. But hereagain, that may be pollyanna-ish to want.

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    Great news from Gingrich for all you trial lawyers Association for Justice members.

    Government retraining will be available for lawyers who lose their jobs because of tort reform.

    Sounds like fun! Retraining for what occupation I wonder?

  • DeltaLawMama

    Wait isn’t job retraining something social democrats do? You know, like Socialism?

  • Outsider

    HD@3:56, labor unions lost much of their power when The Gipper fired all the air traffic controllers back in the day. I for one believe that allowing the flood of illegal imigrants into the country by making it possible for them to work here has further undermined the power of the unions, and has taken away almost all leverage from workers (union and non-union) where wages and conditions of employment are concerned. I do not think that is coincidental. What would our unemployment rate be if all the jobs in America were held by Americans citizens and legal immigrants? Wages would be higher, and corporate profits would be lower, but would that be a bad thing for the country as a whole? I doubt it. It is naive, in my view, to believe that the flood could not have been stopped by laws that imposed sufficient fines or other stiff sanctions (jail time for repeat offenders) for employing illegals. It is the work available here that motivates illegal immigration. Stop the hiring of illegal immigrants and solve two problems: the illegal immigration itself and excessive unemployment.

  • The word going around on talk shows, “Newt is what a stupid person thinks how a smart person sounds like.”

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    Newt is just like all the other Republicans running for President, he has talking points he just throws out there. He never gets too specific about anything. You don’t have to do that with Republican voters. After all, most of them are voting against their own self-interest anyway. How smart can they be?

    The whole clown car that is the GOP’s hopefuls have said they will do things that they can’t possibly deliver on. Perry wants to cut the pay in congress and make it a part time job; so much for the separation of powers. Now let’s see, you have the Executive, the Legislative, and the …… uh …. No, that’s not it …… I think they wear black robes. They must all be gay or something. Who needs them? Fire them too. Long live King Perry.

  • Floyd Pink

    I am so glad that with President Obama’s record, we don’t have to worry about any of these Republican clowns becoming President. At least not until 2016 and by then President Obama will have everything straightened out and we can get the law changed to allow for more than two terms for President. Hope and Change Forever!

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    Well it did take FDR a while to get things straightened out too. That’s what happens when you when you have Republicans (Hoover & Bush) as predecessors. I remember my father saying that Republicans in office would have you chasing rabbits. I also heard Bill Clinton say recently, that when people were in trouble, they turn to Democrats.

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