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The crazy comes out a Austin Barbour’s election phone press conference

Just before a telephone press conference with Austin Barbour, internet rabble-rouser Charles Johnson tweeted the number of the call and invited folks to crash it. Barbour said he would entertain questions at the end. Someone interrupted the call about 8:25 with this:

Q Ok, quick question, since black people harvested cotton, is it ok to harvest their votes. Why is it ok to harvest the votes of black people.

Q Since black people harvested cotton, why do you think it’s ok to harvest their votes. They’re not animals.

After the first “question,” Barbour stated that he would take questions at the end, no matter their “lunacy.” The question was repeated, and Barbour pretty quickly terminated the call. The remaining folks on the line talked around and around thereafter, some coming to the conclusion that the questioner was a Cochran supporter, others announcing suspicion that the questioner was a “liberal.”

It finally dawns on the McDaniel supporters that the call might be recorded (DUH!) and they better not share their views here.

They finally have something rational to be suspicious about but it took their paranoia about 4 minutes of jawing for it to kick in.

Finally, a couple of reporters end up talking, with a Sun Herald reporter telling one from Bruce why the call had abruptly ended.

Talking Points Memo and Jackson Jambalaya both have posted the recording.

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