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Slate’s David Weigel takes up Prop26 and IVF

He notes Yes-On-26 folks are talking out of both sides of their mouths, here as elsewhere:

Another problem that’s capitivated Slatesters: How would Personhood affect IVF? How could you fail to use all the eggs you fertilize without technically killing people? Carmon quoted a YesOn26 activist who asked and answered the question.

If you harvest 10 eggs and you implant three and you throw away the other seven, you’re aborting seven children. You’re aborting seven humans. You’re killing seven humans. So do it the right way and don’t kill children.

The YesOn26 campaign has produced a video “debunking” this myth, but the debunking consists of a big red “FALSE” being stamped on the line about IVF.

I dunno — I’m not convinced.

So Weigel talks to a doctor in an IVF clinic, who says he for one is worried:

“We take eggs out of the ovaries,” Isaacs explains. “We fertilize them with the sperm. But we have to fertilize more than one egg. Of the ones that do fertilize, not all are going to grow into embryos. That’s why we have to start with a large number of eggs to give someone reasonable chance of pregnancy. We watch them as they grow into embryos. So to define a human being as a fertilized egg — that butts heads with the biologic reality that most fertilized eggs don’t result in a live birth.”

The YesOn26ers have told him not to worry about that. Too late. He’s worried.

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