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Scoring the debates as if they were boxing

I’m going to score it like boxing:

Debate One:  Romney wins in a walkover.  For reasons I don’t fully understand, Obama just didn’t show up.  He seemed tired and disengaged, but there was more to it than that.  Romney blew past him, and Romney’s new positions threw Obama totally.

Debate Two:  Obama wins on points on all judge’s cards.  His competitive streak came out, and he’d figured out he had to call Romney on his shifting positions.  Romney was set aback, but didn’t shut down– he hung in there to a degree, leaving the bout to be a decision.

Debate Three:  Should have been a third round knockout for Obama, but the referee let the blood-letting go on.  By the second round, Romney was already looking dazed and disoriented.  He tried agreeing with Obama, but that didn’t stop Obama from coming in with combinations to the body and head.  Romney was still standing when the ref finally called it, but just.


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