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Romney spokesman Fehrnstrom answers the question about the real Mitt Romney: He’s an Etch-a-Sketch


Last night, CNN had on Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.  He was asked whether there is a concern that Romney had been forced to tack so for to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters, he answered, “Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes.  It’s almost like an etch a sketch.  You can kind of shake it up and we just start all over again.”   As one of the other CNN folk sums up, “everyone forgets and you get a reset.”

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Which I guess answers the question suggested by this video mashup.

h/t TPM


Too little, too late, at least during the primaries, but here’s Santorum:

and here’s Gingrich:

Both are from Daivd Weigel’s blog on Slate, where there’s also a picture of Santorum using his at a speech.  Weigel also notes: “With this quote, Romney guru Eric Fehrnstrom has scored a cleaner hit on his candidate than Rick Santorum ever has.”


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  • P.B. Pike

    Christmas comes early for the Obama campaign. As an Obama supporter, I say “Gracias.” (For you Republicans out there, that’s what Hispanic voters sometimes say for “thank you.”)

  • Floyd Pink

    I think Romney should just pull out now after that revelaing statement by his spokesman. They have been trying to keep it a secret that he is really a rare, liberal Mormon.

    The plan was to keep it bottled up until the general election then he was going to come out with a pro-abortion plan that included the option of killing babies up to three monthes after they are born (in case the parents don’t like the color of their eyes or something) and 100% health coverage of all Americans which would be paid for by an increase of taxes on the 1%. He was going to sign that into law by executive order right after being sworn in. Then he intended to legalize gay marraige with a Mormon twist – The person designated as the “Husband” could have multiple “Wives.”

    Now it looks like Santorum will wrap it up.

  • Lee

    The guy who did that fantastic Eminem mash-up The Real Mitt Romney (please stand up) is kicking himself today. Now he has to redo the entire video. And what rhymes with Etch-a-Sketch?

  • NMC

    Hey, Lee, he should just do another one– he already has a nice pair of lines:

    “Everyone forgets, and
    You get a reset.”

    I’m not sure how to use it, but there’s “fetch” (the dog on the roof?).

  • Ben

    “It is almost impossible to write fiction about the Mormons, for the reason that Mormon institutions and Mormon society are so peculiar that they call for constant explanation.”

    Wallace Stegner, Mormon Country

  • Lee

    NMC, maybe he could do a “shake it like a Polaroid” riff?
    Just when Santorum seemed whipped . . .

  • Phil Woods

    NMC and Lee,

    I think the clear path for a mash up concerning Mitt and Etch-a-Sketch is Chevy Chase’s “Fletch”, who is a shift shaper:

    Dr. Rosenpenis
    Jane Doe
    Mr. Poon
    Harry S. Truman
    John Cocktostoy
    Victor Hugo
    Peter Lemonjello
    Claude Henry Smoot
    Elmer Fudd Ganty
    Gordon Liddy
    Arnold Babar
    Billy Jean King
    Don Corleone
    Fletch F. Fletch
    Geometry Fletch
    Peggy Lee Zorba
    Mary Poppins
    Henry Himler
    Ed Harley
    Eldridge Cleaver
    Bobby Lee Schwartz
    Igor Stravinsky
    Alan Stanwyk
    Ted Nugent
    Dr. Rosen
    and Dr. Rosenrosen

    Maybe we can bill Mr. Underhill for all the editing.

  • Floyd Pink

    Romney has some of the Chevy Chase like natural awkwardness going on. He should just go with it.

  • Hootie Dasher

    Romney looks more like Obama as each day goes by.

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    Rombot does his very best to take a firm stance on both sides of every issue and he still reserves the right to change his mind….multiple times.

  • Floyd Pink

    He’s history. He will never be able to escape the description of switching gears from the primary to the general election that one of his spokeman said. It’s like he took $4 a gallon gasoline and poured in on his campaign and lit it.

    Not that it matters. President Obama has amassed such an impressive record that no one could possibly beat him anyway.

    “Obama 2012 – Not an Etch-a-Sketch”

  • Anderson

    Romney’s best advantage is a lazy news media that won’t take advantage of the internet.

    As for example confronting his gas-price demagoguery with his statement as recently as 2006 that we should just get used to higher gas prices.

    Alas for him, the internet is *not* like an Etch-a-Sketch. But the news media pretty much is.

  • Ignatius

    Anderson, I believe, has pointed out the core of the problem: demagoguery. Politicians go for the sound bite instead of a thoughtful approach leaving no exceptions to a rule. I don’t mind a politician changing his mind if he can explain what informed that change. Romney’s problem has been that he has changed his mind on so many different issues that he comes across being fickle and an opportunist. If given the chance, perhaps he could explain each change, but I doubt that will happen and the flip-flop label will stick.

  • Floyd Pink

    Yes, Anderson and Ignatius, I agree 100%. The Main Stream Media is obviously in the tank for the Republicans. They refuse to vet Republicans, especially Mitt Romney, yet they are mericless when they are dealing with Democrats.

    President Obama was hounded 24/7 about his associations in the past during 2007-08 and beyond. They went on and on about his college records and his voting record etc. The man only went to the same Church for twenty years yet the Main Stream Media ran story after story about his relationship with his dear Pastor Jeremiah Wright, smearing his reputation with Wright’s quotes taken out of context, and implying that somehow, just based on the fact the President Obama attended church there for 20 years, he might have actually heard some of the controversial rhetoric and supported it. Rhetoric that Reverend Wright used very rarely and only to make good, loving, and Christian points.

    There has been not one peep uttered about any of the Republican’s religious views and the Media never goes there. Never! It’s sickening and I appreciate you guys being willing to come onto this forum and stick your neck out.

  • Lee

    FP’s was such a great post that I’m tempted to side with him, but really has it occurred to either side that the press has the murderous objectivity of a pimp and simply wants to sell product and that there might not be a greater conspiracy here other than capitalism at work? Regarding the press, Democrats and Republicans have the objectivity of sports fanatics watching their favorite team (bountyhunting) and complaining about every call the ref makes.

    The scandal of the press is not its lack of balance it’s what gets entirely ignored while we’re forever debating the supposed lack of balance. In this day and age people cherrypick their own news. They create their own political realities. In most cases their views become a Rorschach test that reveals far more about their own personalities than political reality.

    Honestly, is Romney any worse than Obama regarding the etch and sketch approach to politics? I mean, I know who I voted for, and I know who got elected, and they are not the same person.

  • the press has the murderous objectivity of a pimp and simply wants to sell product

    Pretty much, yeah. And anyone familiar with my blog can search it for “Obama” and find plenty of disappointment there.

    Reporters in general are lazy. It requires a little effort to provide an objective look at candidates and policies, whereas it’s much easier to regurgitate press releases and turn the campaign into an MTV reality show.

    I do think that the GOP, with its own news channel and with much more media savvy, is a lot better at focusing the media on its talking points. The Dems have only themselves to blame for not stepping up to the challenge.

  • Floyd Pink

    I really find it amazing that anyone can not or will not own up to the very obvious media bias toward the left on any MSM TV channel other than Fox.

    I admit that growing up I was oblivious to this and I think most people were. I think that in the sixties and then clearly during the Watergate scandal, the TV press began to take sides more. It was subtle at first but then has gotten blatantly more partisan over the last twenty years. In fact, Fox, by presenting a moderate to right slant, has done more to bring attention to this than any other TV channel. In my opinion, Fox seems much more Conservative than it really is because Fox can only be compared against a bunch of clearly left leaning corporations.

    Now, the internet has completely let the cat out of the bag. Of course, most people aren’t as internet savvy as most of us political junkies so the MSM still rules for the most part.

    If you can’t see it then you ARE it.

  • NMC

    May be partly perspective, Floyd. What I see is:

    A fairly tiny mostly print left (there’s a bit of TV, a bit of radio, but not a lot) with left tendencies that is not reliably tied to a party. There’s just not much media that is consistently liberal.

    A big fuzzy middle that is not organized and doesn’t show a consistent trend except, first, as Lee noted, it’s about selling the product, and, second, a head-over-heals crush on any story that seems to have a nice narrative arc, whether it’s “Bush becomes the great war leader” or “Obama redeems us all”. In political reporting, there are some pernicious habits like reporting-the-horse-race as if there reporter were the color commentator in a sports broadcast and reporting what is handed to them, particularly by opposition research (and thus leading certain political reporters to become more and more captive of sources, thus making their reporting inclined one way or another).

    On the right, the large blob that is Fox News supplemented by talk radio. Here, Fox in particularly is completely partisan, willing to take that handout-reporting I just described to another level by tuning its reporting to the message the Republicans want pushed. There’s nothing like that in the fuzzy middle or the tiny left I’ve just described.

    The media in the big fuzzy middle has also the failing of being best at recognizing patterns someone else has already pointed out to them. Thus, they’ve got the message that Romney will say just about any damn thing depending on the audience, and that he and his people have a real knack for the sort of gaff that involves accidentally telling the truth (e.g. the Etch-A-Sketch remark, or the “I like to fire people”– about which I do not buy your argument that context makes it ok). So I suppose that we will hear about that in the fall, and that Fernstrom may be whistling past the graveyard.

    Oh, and, Lee, I think the ways in which Obama has betrayed at least my hopes (I started to write our) are a different sort of problem, and are not as comprehensive as Romney’s apparent willingness to be all things to all people. Why I think that is probably too complicated for a comments thread, so I’ll either save it for later or tell you over drinks.

  • In fact, Fox, by presenting a moderate to right slant

    What is “moderate” about Fox?

    I mean, really, Floyd – you’re entitled to your beliefs, but don’t treat us like we’re complete idiots.

  • Floyd Pink

    I don’t think it has anything to do with idiots. I think it has more do with denial or delusion. It has nothing to do with intelligence. When I realized that I was being played, many years ago, I felt pretty foolish too but I got over it.

    I stand by my statements regarding media bias and I think the comments regarding media, the attempts to minimize left wing bias by claiming a fuzzy middle etc., are exactly what I have come to expect from hard-left partisan Democrats.

    There are many, many people who agree with me on this. Not on here, I’ll be the first to admit, but all over the country.

    “The Return of the Silent Majority – Coming to an Election Near You in November of 2012″

  • P.B. Pike

    Fox News is a handful of people getting rich by fostering, manipulating and reinforcing the anti-modern, know-nothing persecution complex that defines contemporary American conservatism. Their product is a tribal identity of grievance and a quivering, resentful sense of powerlessness. If Fox can come up with a media narrative that meets some or all of those criteria, Fox will sell it and its viewers will buy it, consume it and regurgitate it. It happens on this and every other politically-oriented blog in America every day. It’s no more complicated than that.

    The main question, I’ve begun to wonder, is whether there is any point at all in arguing with people who are so insecure about digesting the complexities of a pluralistic society that they have become ideological bulimics. I’m starting to think there’s not.

  • Phil Woods

    Believe it or not, Pink, the Huff Post’s current headline compares the Obama administration to Big Brother.


  • Floyd Pink

    You know, Phil, something that I was wrong about is that I predicted that long before now several media outlets would turn hard on Obama. But it really hasn’t happened to the extent I thought it would. I am seeing some of it now. Heck, you can’t even get the regulars on here to make a case for Obama anymore.

    HuffPo has a real Libertarian streak going on and they have gotten on him about civil liberties. Most of the media outlets just don’t mention Gitmo or any of the things that he was going to change that he hasn’t. At least HuffPo does acknowledge that he has not done what he said he was going to do in these areas. I know someone who does some work for the Government and he told me that when Obama was briefed, he would change his mind about all the Gitmo, Terrorist inspired civil liberty stuff. He was right.

    I still think the Media will turn on him but it is going to take his clear, inevitable defeat before most of them do, it seems. Not just blood in the water but a body floating for a day or two. I underestimated the depth of their Evil, that is, that they would allow themselves, their credibility, ratings, etc. to be destroyed before they would turn on The Man-Child Messiah. They will eventually scorn him but it may not be until the day after his landslide loss. Then they all saw it coming….

  • Phil Woods

    I don’t think it is that simple, Pink. For Obama, Bush, McCain or anybody to get to the top, they know the drill. I can’t see Mitt or Rick or Newt doing anything any different.

    Paul is the only one crazy enough to go against the grain, but he’s already been marginalized. There’s no where for us to go.

  • Floyd Pink

    MSNBC is cartoonish but it’s a good place to see the obvious bias. It’s like picking up GQ magazine knowing you are not going to buy the exact fashions in the book, but looking for color patterns. MSNBC is so obvious in their slant but watching the network will help you pick out the more subtle way the traditional media premises their questions in a slanted manner, for instance.

    Shoeless Joe Scarbrough is the worse kind of guy. He is supposed to be some kind of token Republican, adding legitimacy to the panel. Say it ain’t so Joe.

    Every Romney question in the last segment has the built in not-a-real-Conservative meme or flip-flopper meme. He governed a liberal state, of course he had more moderate positions there; He couldn’t have governed otherwise. He moved the state to the right, though.

    Romneycare? Yeah, it’s a problem with the narrative. I like how he has refused to back down on it. He has stuck with a State’s right argument and that is effective but there is a problem with the mandate and I think it’s a real problem. Not critical though. He is a manager, a successful manager of companies, states, and even an Olympics. We need a manager, not a Messiah.

  • Your Lies Have Lies

    He has stuck with a State’s right argument and that is effective….

    Since when has he stuck with anything? In an op-ed in USA Today he said it was a model for the country. Of course, one thing about Romney, if you don’t like position on an issue, just wait a little while.

    As for Robomneycare, I think the Fourth Circuit COA has it right:

    Since so much has already been written by our sister
    circuits about the issues presented by this case–which will
    almost surely be decided by the Supreme Court–we shall be
    sparing in adding to the production of paper.

  • Floyd Pink

    “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” US President Barack Obama said Friday, stepping into an emotional storm over the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a volunteer guard.

    President Romney will sometimes be affected when a young man tragically dies that looks like him, and sometimes he will be affected when any young American dies tragically. He will probably flip-flop on that. We should just stick with President Obama – He is consistent.

    “Obama 2012 – Because Race Always Matters”

  • P.B. Pike

    Floyd Pink — regurgitating Gingrich because paranoia, gullibility and bilious racial resentment pass for thoughtful critique.

    It’s telling, too, that a handful of people would prefer to be lied to by the inveterate, transparent liars and shape-shifters Gingrich and Romney instead of accept the president’s honest, compassionate response to a reporter’s question about the Trayvon Martin case. It seems a day without a new angry outrage toward this president is a lost day for them, so they will manufacture and tribe together around one if they have to.

    I say again: it doesn’t matter what Obama does: he could have stepped in between the two principals and talked down George Zimmerman himself, and Gingrich and the other career race-baiters would declare it a disgraceful governmental overreach by a suspicious Kenyan socialist or some such garbage, and their rapt followers would nod along, grinning like they think they know something the rest of us don’t.

  • Ignatius

    Race does matter, Mr. Pink. I think that you’d recognize that with the plea deal reached with a boy murderer this week in Mississippi. As for Obama’s public remarks to the Martin family, at least do us the favor of putting the sentences that belong before and after that quote of yours in with it before you pick apart a President leading – yes, leading – by trying to calm the nerves of many Americans about the incident.

    Here’s what Obama said, according to the Miami Herald: ““I can only imagine what these parents are going through … I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this.

    “My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin,” he added. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

    There have been and are planned protests in New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and Memphis, to name a few. So, Mr. Pink, give our President some credit for addressing the concerns of some *really* pissed Americans, giving them reassurance that the issues surrounding the incident are being investigated and can be potentially addressed. That’s one of the things that leaders do when they face a conflict like this: they try to induce calm.

  • John

    When you wear a hoodie, people think you are tough.
    When people think you are tough, they want to see how tough.
    When people want to see how tough a hoodie wearer is, the hoodie wearer ends up shot dead and face down on the sidewalk in a Florida gated community.

  • P.B. Pike

    So it’s the hoodie wearer’s fault for being confronted and murdered for absolutely no reason by a guy who is so trigger-happy he can’t stand to sit in his SUV and wait for the police like an ordinary law-abider and instead must ignore the 911 dispatcher’s advice not to follow the super-scary hoodie wearer who weighs 90 pounds less than he does and must go find out for himself how tough this guy, who has not done a single thing wrong, is in the face of a .9mm.

    According to Martin’s girlfriend, who was on the phone with him as he walked back to his father’s home, Martin flipped up his hood because he noticed Zimmerman staring at him and got nervous. So I’d like to say it was simply a nervous response, but John’s logic is so much more complex and compelling:

    When you stare at somebody suspiciously, they get nervous.
    When they get nervous, they don’t want you staring anymore, so they flip up their hood.
    When they flip up their hood, they’re really saying “Let’s see how tough you are.”
    When they say “Let’s see how tough you are,” they take the risk you’re packing a .9mm and should not be surprised when you cap them point-blank in the chest with it.

    So we’ve got one Gingrich regurgitator and one parroting Geraldo Rivera’s pathetic desperation for attention in this discussion. This is simply incredible, the gymnastics some people will go through to put at least some of the blame on the dead kid armed with a hooded sweatshirt — a sweatshirt in February, mind you — an Arizona iced tea and a bag of Skittles because they don’t like the president or the current cool fashion among black teenagers. It’s incredible, and it’s gross.

  • P.B. Pike

    A better rounded picture of Trayvon Martin than the reckless, risky effrontery that Geraldo and John see in his decision to wear a hoodie during a stroll to 7-11 in late February:


  • Floyd Pink

    I heard President Obama’s statement and his necessity to equate the young man to him, because of color, jumped out at me right away. I heard the whole statement before I heard or read anything anyone else thought or said about it. It was vintage Obama…It was gratifying to hear and read that so many others saw this as clearly as I did.

    I don’t know what happened in the Trayvon situation. It certainly sounds bad but I don’t know the details. But now you have Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, Farrakan and the crew all mining it. You have Preacher’s requesting their children to wear hoodies to Church tomorrow. Total bullshit. Exploitation of the worse kind.

    P.B. and Ignatius, I don’t expect you to understand. Professional victims can’t really see this stuff clearly and both of you clearly went Pro long ago, probably right out of High School. Lebron, P.B. and Ignatius. I wonder if Lebron gets his ideas from headlines at the Huffington Post, Ed Schultz rants, and Al Sharpton ‘s reworked Tawana Brawley routines, as well.

    P.B., the first step to overcoming your adjective addiction is to admit you are powerless over using them. It’s ok. A lot of us have been there.

  • John

    Y’all don’t get out much, do you? Since we want to paint a more well-rounded picture of the incident, and since we’re providing links, how about this.

    On Wednesday, a police report was released re: Zimmerman’s face and neck injuries (bleeding from the nose and back of his head) and his back being wet and covered with grass. These facts were observed by the initial officers on the scene. Zimmerman was treated by EMTs at the scene. A Reuters article on this is titled “Florida police chief under fire in case of slain teen.” It’s available at:

    Regarding the suggestion that Trayvon weighed a mere 90 lbs, that’s wrong. He may have been 90 lbs. as a 12-year-old (as depicted in most of the pics posted with the various stories), but at age 17, he had to be substantially bigger. A 17-year-old male weighing 90 lbs? Come on. Reports are that he weighed 140 lbs. That’s probably light. Maybe the autopsy report will be released and we can get the data on height and weight of this 17-year-old young man who was staying with his father because he’d been suspended from his high school in Miami.

    We know from the earlier stories that there was a scuffle heard on the 911 audio tape before the weapon was fired. Zimmerman had bodily injuries to his face and neck. Zimmerman’s backside was wet and covered with grass. I think these facts start to paint a more well-rounded picture of the incident.

    But, the President has intervened and has attempted to influence the criminal investigation and judicial processes. The President’s conduct in this regard is beyond the pale and far exceeds his famous “Beer Summit” with a black professor and a Boston police officer. You remember the “Beer Summit,” right? It followed the President saying, “the Cambridge police acted stupidly,” despite his having admitted he didn’t know anything about the facts. Why is the President’s call for getting to the bottom of what happened to Trayvon more troubling? Because the subtext of the President’s comments is that Zimmerman must be indicted and tried, regardless of what the initial police officers at the scene observed. Make no mistake, this is all about race.

  • P.B. Pike

    John, the very first words out of the president’s mouth were about how he would not opine on the merits of the investigation because “the Attorney General reports to me.” Your attempt to characterize his comment otherwise demonstrates how stilted your comprehension skills have become after years of believing every single thing you hear on Fox News. Same goes for your mis-reading of my post, in which I said Martin weighed 90 pounds LESS than Zimmerman, not 90 pounds, which I agree would be absurd to believe.

    It’s curious that these details about Zimmerman’s alleged injuries are only surfacing now, but I agree with you that if there’s evidence of it, let’s bring it to light. His story about being attacked is directly contradicted by Martin’s girlfriend, who says she heard Martin finally turn and ask “Why are you following me?” followed by Zimmerman saying “What are you doing here?” We have conflicting reports, in other words. We have jury trials to sort such conflicts out.

    The president has not weighed in on the merits of the case, but the governor who signed the “Stand Your Ground” bill into law, Jeb Bush, and the state legislator (a Democrat and former prosecuter who is still in office) who co-sponsored the bill have. They have declared that these facts don’t fit under that cover. I’m sure you’ll jump all over them for attempting to influence this case too.

    Here’s the link to Bush’s statement. It’s from Fox News, just so there’s no mis-comprehension this time:


    And by the way, this young man was suspended for excessive tardiness, as clearly stated in the article I linked. We all know how excessive tardiness, along with that tell-tale hoodie, is the hallmark of irredeemable thuggery, don’t we? Your wink-and-a-nod inclusion of his suspension, without clarifying its very innocuous context, is the sort of thing that puts the lie to the ever-discrediting echo chamber you’re yelling out of.

    I’m all for giving Zimmerman the presumption of innocence, and all the requirements of due process, and a trial by a jury of his peers, and the very best criminal defense lawyer in the state of Florida, and removal to a fairer venue than the county in which his charges are brought (if they ever are), and every other Constitutional protection that attaches to his case. All of that is a hell of a lot more than he gave Trayvon Martin, isn’t it?

  • P.B. Pike

    So you don’t like my writing style, Pinky. Crushed, just crushed. I used to wonder about your arbitrary capitalization of nouns, but then I remembered they went out of vogue somewhere around the early 19th century, and that answered that. (They’re still in full use in German, of course, but as a supporter of Godwin’s Law I shouldn’t go there.)

    From what I’ve read on this blog and just about every other political comment thread on the internet I’ve perused, the president’s color “jumps out,” as you put it, at a lot of people, and it absolutely eats them up. Must be tough.

  • John

    Pike, you got me on the 90 lbs. thing. Good for you!

    You always suggest that anyone who disagrees with you must watch Fox News. I don’t have cable or satellite. I get PBS and two other over-the-air stations. Sorry to disappoint. I inform myself by reading, mostly using the internet that Al Gore invented. Bless his heart.

    Well, if the President said he didn’t want to influence what was going on in Florida, then that’s it, I guess. You can always believe a politician.

    With respect to your comment, “It’s curious that these details about Zimmerman’s alleged injuries are only surfacing now, but I agree with you that if there’s evidence of it, let’s bring it to light,” the evidence is a police report prepared by the responding officers. It was released on Wednesday. That Reuters article I referenced clearly states that. I hold fire on returning the insult about “stilted comprehension skills.” But, again, good for you on getting me on the 90 lbs. thing!

  • Floyd Pink

    You know, it seems like President Obama has been unhappy ever since Reggie Love left. I guess it would be hard to lose your Closest Companion.

    I think you should consider making a Hoodie out of adjectives and adverbs, Pikester, and wear that Hoodie to Church tomorrow in support of Trayvon. You can walk in with cool aloofness and seperate yourself from the odious Fox watchers. Just string together the adjectives and adverbs from this thread alone and it would be stronger than Carhartt.

  • P.B. Pike

    I meant “the light” of the criminal justice system and jury trial that I advocated, but I can see how you would’ve misunderstood what I wrote, and not because of stilted comprehension. I wasn’t clear. And thanks for holding your fire, except that you didn’t. Ah well.

    You will not be surprised to hear that your reliance on the internet for news and info does not soften my suspicions.

    The president can’t win, can he? He methodically disavows any intent to influence the investigation and invokes his responsibility to be careful not to influence it, and he’s still dismissed as a cynical politician. If he had not said that, he’d be accused of explicitly influencing the investigation — which he’s being accused of anyway. And if he’d just walked off saying “no comment,” then cue the tired critique of his cool aloofness. I’m proud of the compassion he exhibited and grateful that hearing it did not fill me with contempt, as apparently some others, like the odious Gingrich, experienced.

  • P.B. Pike

    I don’t go to church, and it’s spelled “Carhartt.”

  • John

    I wonder when the President will come out with a statement about the Mississippi State student shot and killed last night on campus? You know, the President showing his strong leadership traits, addressing the concerns of some *really* pissed citizens, and giving them reassurance that the issues surrounding the incident are being investigated — like Ignatius suggested above re: the Trayvon Martin incident.

  • Researcher

    Was the MSU student shot by someone who followed him and shot him for no reason and then was not arrested by the police because the police assumed the shooter was justified without investigating even though they had 911 evidence to the contrary? Because that is what made this a national issue. And the President did not give a speech On this. He responded to a national reporter’s question.

  • P.B. Pike

    Don’t bother, Researcher. It does not matter what the president does or says, some people will loathe him regardless, even if his statement about Trayvon Martin was prompted by a reporter, and the president’s obvious point was to empathize with the young man’s family. They’ll say that race “jumped out” at them, as it always always does, and then they’ll blame the president for it. They’ll castigate him for going “beyond the pale” by “interfering” with an investigation (that’s a crime, by the way) when he did nothing of the sort, not even close — but damned if they’ll criticize Jeb Bush for deciding the merits of the case already. They’ll suggest that the boy was up to no good because he’d been suspended from school, leaving out it was for excessive tardiness — but damned if they’ll mention Zimmerman’s record of arrest for assaulting a police officer. And if nothing else, they’ll point out Trayvon should’ve known that wearing a hooded sweatshirt in February is a roll of the dice: somebody might see you, become overwhelmed by the taunt inherent in that hoodie, get out of his SUV, follow you against the advice of law enforcement with a .9mm hidden under his jacket, get involved in a confrontation with you and kill you — and then claim he stood his ground. All because of that hoodie.

    They wake up angry, see the president’s face and get angrier. Then they go to bed angry and get angrier still when they wake up and there’s the president again. All we can do is call them out on it, but there’s no way to argue with it.

  • Floyd Pink

    On a recent Chicago weekend, there were 50 shootings of blacks, all by other blacks. 10 of them died. But you have one shooting of a black by someone whose skin is not quite dark enough and the Professional Victims come come out peddling their wares.

    The sad thing is that the useful idiots go right along with it…And all over the country blacks are killing blacks night and day. Blacks with Hoodies on are under attack all right, by other Blacks with Hoodies on. Where is the outrage?

    I am going home and digging out one of my Hoodies and getting some pictures made for my website. See if I can’t drum up some business out of this.

    I hope President Romney is concerned about all Americans and not just young Mormon Americans who look like they could be one of his sons.

  • John

    Pike, the point is the President is a political opportunist. All good politicians are political opportunists. Just don’t confuse opportunism with leadership, or compassion, or being a good guy. Do you think the President contacting a female law student who wants free contraception to offer his “support” after a right wingnut bashed her on the radio is because the President is a good guy? Come on, man — it’s politics.

    I’m not angry with President. I do not fault him for doing what politicians do. I do fault those who refuse to see the obvious — everything the President does is politically motivated, particularly since he is now campaigning. And, if he wants to win re-election, everything he does between now and November must be politically motivated.

    Responding to Researcher, no the MSU student killed was not killed by a Zimmerman-like neighborhood watch guy. The suspects are three black males seen fleeing the dorm area in a late model Crown Vic. If it turns out the victim is black, then I think we’ll have our answer why Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, the New Black Panthers, and the President won’t be commenting on the killing. (You know the New Black Panthers have issued a $10,000 bounty for the capture of Zimmerman, right? See http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765562771/New-Black-Panthers-offer-bounty-for-teen-killers-capture.html. Mikhail Muhammad, a New Back Panther Party leader, when asked whether he was inciting violence, replied defiantly saying: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Crazy stuff, indeed.) The fact is the white on black crime angle is significant. So significant that the press has characterized Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic.”

    I’m sure all the progressive, liberal, democrats will get uncomfortable with the race related issues, but the situation is what it is. You can either recognize it or ignore it.

  • Floyd Pink


    “Justice has yet to be done for Belizaire’s most serious crimes, but none of the hustlers calling for the head of George Zimmerman in Sanford will be swinging by Fort Lauderdale to declare the absence of peace until Belizaire is put behind bars. President Obama will not be calling for a round of soul-searching about his case. Life goes on.”

    The only reason the Traylon case got traction at all is that the first media reports had Zimmerman identified as white. His name sounds white.

    Meanwhile, just down the road, a black man killed three blacks and was out running around until he got picked up on an unrelated charge. No outrage. Business as usual. you can find an instance like that linked above for every day of the year.

    The Trayon/Hoodie outrage is an evil creation, a creation of the liberal media and the race hucksters. It, like the War on Women, the War on Rush, and every other Bullshit War that has been declared lately, will backfire and blow up in the collective Democratic/Media face. People are on to this nonsense now, at least, the majority of rational registered voters are on to it. Jimmy Carter got 41% of the votes in 1980 including mine. There will always be the willfully blind and ignorant.

  • John

    Boy, I hope Pike comes back to check on this thread. Look what just hit the wires regarding Trayvon’s suspension:


    SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — An unarmed Florida teenager fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer was suspended from school because traces of marijuana were found in his book bag, a spokesman for the teen’s family said Monday.

    Hmmm. So much for the excessive tardies ground for suspension. See Pike’s comment at 12:17 pm on 25 March (“They’ll suggest that the boy was up to no good because he’d been suspended from school, leaving out it was for excessive tardiness …”).

    I suspect at the end of the day, we’ll learn that the injuries sustained by Zimmerman (which are undisputed and for which he received EMT treatment at the scene) were the result of a 6’2″ 17-year-old young man jumping Zimmerman and giving him a beating (the scuffle heard on the 911 audio), and that the cries for help heard on the 911 audio were made by Zimmerman.

  • P.B. Pike

    I’m shocked, just SHOCKED that a 17-year-old boy had some experience with marijuana. That changes everything. Clearly he and his hoodie deserved to be followed for doing nothing wrong in his father’s neighborhood, tailed against the advice of law enforcement by a man with a gun, obviously. I know that was the warning my parents gave me against smoking dope. I did it anyway, and how I survived my numerous strolls to the convenience store without being followed and shot by one of our neighbors can only be described as a miracle.

    John’s logic is, as usual, an embarassment:

    – Trayvon had traces of marijuana in his book bag.
    – Pot users are irredeemable thugs and notoriously aggressive. (We all know how pot makes people want to fight.)
    – Therefore all inferences about the man with a .9mm and a record of assaulting a police officer go out the window.

    The relish with which John passes on this SHOCKING disclosure about the dead kid is disgraceful. The priority isn’t fleshing out the whole picture of what happened to Trayvon Martin, it’s one-upping your comment thread nemesis. Gross.

  • John

    Shocking? Your word, Pike, not mine. Do I think this changes everything as you put it? Nope. But, I do think it contributes to the more clear picture that is developing. And it shows the mainstream media’s slants are coming to light.

    Isn’t the complete picture what the President wanted to result from an investigation involving local law enforcement, the FBI, and the DoJ? According to some, that was the basis for his comments on the situation. (I think it was pure political gamesmanship, but that’s just me.) You know, an investigation to discern all the facts and make sure the record is straight.

    Please take note of my prediction concerning the end state of the factual investigation: 6’2″ 17-year-old young man jumps Zimmerman, gives him a beating, and ends up getting shot and killed.

    You’ve seen the ABC News story titled “Trayvon Martin Shooter Told Cops Teenager Went For His Gun” available at
    http://gma.yahoo.com/trayvon-martin-shooter-told-cops-teenager-went-gun-030349812–abc-news.html, right? The story reports that Zimmerman originally told police in a written statement that Trayvon knocked him down with a punch to the nose, repeatedly slammed his head on the ground and tried to take his gun. And, an eyewitness, 13-year-old Austin Brown, told police he saw a man fitting Zimmerman’s description lying on the grass moaning and crying for help just seconds before he heard the gunshot that killed Martin. The picture keeps getting clearer, doesn’t it?

    Oh, it’s 9mm not .9mm. The projectile size is 9 millimeters, not 9/10ths of a millimeter. Sorry for being pedantic.

  • P.B. Pike

    How does the marijuana revelation clarify anything, unless you think marijuana use or possession somehow justifies the shooting?

    I’ve already said I favor everything coming to light. I thought it was implicit that it should be bringing to light everything relevant, not everything we can find to smear the boy’s name. And I’ve already said how intellectually dishonest it is to criticize Obama for refusing to opine on the merits of the case, when the noise would have been deafening had he done the irresponsible thing and declared this shooting a crime (like, say, Jeb Bush has done, whom you’ve not criticized).

    Yes I’ve already “taken note” of your “prediction,” but I hope for your sake you’re not staking some sense of self-satisfaction on being right about how and why Martin was killed. First, that kind of satisfaction would be morbid, to put it mildly. Second, the best resolution we’re ever going to get, short of an as-yet undisclosed videotape, is a trial on the competing witness accounts: Zimmerman’s (naturally self-serving) is contradicted by Martin’s girlfriend’s (also subject to some doubt) and is only inferentially supported by the 13-year-old neighbor’s (looking out the window and seeing a fight does not tell you who started it). So no, the picture gets less clear –unless you’ve already decided you want a particular side to “win” because you’re all too eager to vindicate your own view of How Things Really Are.

    There is no point arguing with people’s ever-simmering rage about the mainstream media. You can’t argue with rage. But I will say, for the record, that seeing the likes of Al Sharpton in the vicinity does not give me the least bit of confidence that this won’t turn into “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” if it hasn’t already. That’s why I’ve said that Zimmerman deserves every legal protection available, including Florida’s best criminal defense lawyer: we know the media’s true bias is for ratings, and they’ll fry somebody without restraint if that’s where the money is. They’ll do it regardless of whether he’s black or white.

    Thanks for the ammo correction. I don’t much care for guns and find the hardware jargon really boring, but one does well to get such things right in any event.

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