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Romney spokesman Fehrnstrom answers the question about the real Mitt Romney: He’s an Etch-a-Sketch


Last night, CNN had on Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.  He was asked whether there is a concern that Romney had been forced to tack so for to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters, he answered, “Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes.  It’s almost like an etch a sketch.  You can kind of shake it up and we just start all over again.”   As one of the other CNN folk sums up, “everyone forgets and you get a reset.”

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Which I guess answers the question suggested by this video mashup.

h/t TPM


Too little, too late, at least during the primaries, but here’s Santorum:

and here’s Gingrich:

Both are from Daivd Weigel’s blog on Slate, where there’s also a picture of Santorum using his at a speech.  Weigel also notes: “With this quote, Romney guru Eric Fehrnstrom has scored a cleaner hit on his candidate than Rick Santorum ever has.”


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