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More about the McDaniels campaign and the photo of Mrs. Cochran

Kingfish has the voice mail where the McDaniels staffer called a Cochran staffer with obvious knowledge of what had happened, but prior to the Clarion Ledger reporting the victim.

Kingfish broke this story in the middle of the night the other night, and I saw it then.  He had the press release from the Madison police and, I suspect strongly, knew what the guy was arrested for doing, but didn’t say.   I read the press release and did a Google search and figured out for myself.  So I’ve been of the view that the fact of the call did not demonstrate they knew.  Listen to the voice mail and judge for yourself whether it’s content points one way or the other.  It’s very cagey– she admits they knew the guy, and knew he’d already done crazy stuff (so she says), and that they’d had “volunteers” interact with him to get him to quit.  She doesn’t come out and say what had gone done, but allows that it is despicable and that McDaniels knows about it is and is appalled (later that morning, he denied knowing about it to a reporter).

Not sure which way this points.  It doesn’t come off well for the staffer.  I do not believe she’d have made the call without at least the top people (if not McDaniel) huddling about what to do and say, but maybe they’re all bozos on that bus.

Update:  Tying in another thread, surely it’s a great example of the paranoid style in politics that the McDaniels folks are expressing immediate and complete (but evidence free) absolute certainty that this whole scandal was entirely invented by the Cochran folks.  A faith-based community that makes its own reality indeed.

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