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Mississippi Supreme Court servers jammed up? More minutiae about the McDaniel election contest

Last night, I spent over an hour trying to download the Cochran response, and got nothing.  I could download the attachments, quickly, but not the brief.  I complained on Twitter, and almost immediately a friend, who could get it on his phone, sent it to me by email.

Apparently, the McDaniel campaign had the same problem last night, but had no friend other than the guy in Alabama who has taken some of their oral argument time.  As of this morning at 10:00 AM, they still were not able to download it, and the clerk’s office couldn’t help them (it’s not clear whether they’d just asked Cochran’s lawyers for a copy, but they do note they’d not been served with one yet).

And so, with a reply brief due tomorrow, they ask for an additional day, making it due on Saturday.

Those interested in real minutiae should note the header on the motion for time.  It was corrected shortly thereafter with a later filing.

I think I will email them a copy.


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