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Kingfish has a memo for the state Republican party outlining the steps up to a contest

Previously, I posted describing the process for a contest.  There’s a useful memo from state Republican party chair and counsel outlining the process up to that contest (which will play out in the next few weeks) that has been posted at Jackson Jambalaya.

To sum the memo up:  Yesterday or before 2PM today, each county executive committee must have certified their returns to the state party.  Because the voter ID process continues through today– voters have the right to come in as late as today to show an ID if they had to vote by affidavit because they did not bring an ID– any votes coming in after certification are to be sent as an update.  This odd double-step is occurring because the statute on certification was not amended when the voter ID law passed setting the seven day deadline for voters to come in.

At this point, the boxes become available to candidates to review for irregularities in the count.  The candidates must give the county committees three days notice in a request to review so the other candidate can have a representative present.  The circuit clerk supervises this part of the process.  Review must be completed by 12 days after the county certified the results.

Today at 2PM, the state committee meets to canvas the results.  They just tabulate and add up the results; this is not a certification process.

Monday, July 7th, the state committee will transmit the county totals to the secretary of state.  At that point, a candidate can file a challenge with the state executive committee.

That’s the process described in the state party memo.   I do not see a deadline for filing the contest with the state committee.

However, once the contest is filed with the state committee, the candidate filing the contest has only ten days to go to court, in a process outline in my prior post.  

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