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Just what’s happening to Limbaugh?

With all the talk, I was wondering exactly what was happening to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, and whether it really mattered that, at the last count I saw, he’d lost 45 advertisers.  That BoingBoing link points to a Media Matters page, where they’re logging commercials on Limbaugh’s show, and whether the advertisers still there have made public announcements they are quitting.  It’s pretty amazing.  For today’s log, I count seven remaining advertisers who have not made commitments to quit, along with a number who have. That’s seven advertisers.  Along with a whole mountain of public service announcements that don’t pay a dime, and seem clearly about filling that empty time those 45 advertisers left.

It does appear that Limbaugh is finally paying for his assholishness.  Pretty amazing.

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