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Jon Stewart starts his show with an apology to Dick Molpus

Still buried in work, I hadn’t had a chance to post about Jon Stewart’s use of Dick Molpus as a stand-in for backwards Southern pollitians last week.

To Stewart’s credit, he began his show last night with a correction, crediting Molpus’s stands on the right side of civil rights issues.

While on the subject, last week David Brooks ran a tiradeabout the deadlock in Washington, saying neither the Republicans nor the Obama administration had a plan.  He pretty quickly ran a correction (well, he called it a postcript) added to the end of the column online, and today devotes his column to the “humiliation” of what he’d got wrong, and makes some explanation.  This is pretty major, because to a great degree the Times has a history of not doing much to correct op-ed columns on the apparent theory they are opinion.  Good for Brooks on this one.

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