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In case anyone from True The Vote is reading and needs help in Jefferson County

Following up on my prior post that folks at True the Vote couldn’t find the courthouse in Jefferson County, here’s some handy pointers.

There is a search engine on the internet called Google, and if you type “address of the courthouse Jefferson County Mississippi Fayette” into it, the fourth entry says, “Circuit Clerk Jefferson County.” If you click on that you get a nice picture of the courthouse, and its address! And, since you were trying to find the Circuit Clerk in the first place, that seems doubly handy!

A glance at the address suggests another way the courthouse could have been found:  Its address, 1438 Main Street in Fayette.  It’s my experience of small towns (and Fayette, with about 1600 folks in it, certainly counts as a small town.  Small enough that one might wonder how someone could get lost there) that, generally, if there is a street called “Main Street,” that’s where you are going to find the courthouse.  Sometimes it may be a block or so over, but in a town that small, Main Street is a good bet.  Another nice thing about choosing Main Street is that it’s almost chosen for you.  In Fayette, if you get off Highway 61 coming either from the North (ask in comments if you want me to explain “North” and “South”) or South, the first possible exit is Main Street from either direction!

If you had trouble with Jefferson County, I suggest hiring a native guide when going to Bolivar County.  Not only is the courthouse off the main drag in Cleveland, there’s another courthouse altogether several miles away in Rosedale.  This sort of problem apparently caused one of your (cough) investigators trouble when they couldn’t remember whether they had been in the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson (which presumably they could have seen from the front steps of the federal courthouse where they were testifying) or Raymond.

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