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Hey everybody, give Rep. Greg Ed Ward a call, asks why he won’t bring up the animal cruelty bill

Greg Ed Ward, state representative from Tippah County (Ripley), is the chairman of the House agriculture committee.  There’s an animal cruelty bill that makes cruelty a felony; it’s passed the Senate but, according to WAPT TV will die if Ward doesn’t call his committee to act on it:

Tuesday is the last day for House and Senate committees to act on bills that have passed the opposite chamber.The House Agriculture Committee is not scheduled to meet before Tuesday’s deadline, and that means the bill will be killed.Under the proposed bill, torturing or maiming cats or dogs would become a felony.

Here’s the bill, I think, so you can read it and decide what you think.

You can call Mr. Ward and complain (please be polite! rudeness is unpersuasive!) in Jackson– (601)359-3332 or in Ripley– (662)837-3615 (that’s his work number.  Both numbers are from his House of Representatives web page.  If you know him well enough, his home number is on the web page too).  If any of the other committee members are your representatives or acquaintances, a call to them might help.  Here’s the roster, and you can get contact info for each at this link:

Greg Ward, Chairman; Joe C. Gardner, Vice-Chairman
Members: Brian Aldridge; Tracy Arinder; Larry Baker; Larry Byrd; Tad Campbell; Blaine Eaton; Chuck Espy; Harvey Fillingane; David Gibbs; Andy Gipson; Frank Hamilton; Gregory Holloway; Bobby B. Howell; Mac Huddleston; Robert E. Huddleston; Sherra Hillman Lane; W. T. Mayhall, Jr.; America Chuck Middleton; John L. Moore; Ken Morgan; Billy Nicholson; David Norquist; Deryk R. Parker; Bill Pigott; Dannie Reed; Bobby Shows; Ferr Smith; Gary V. Staples; Preston E. Sullivan; Jerry R. Turner; Linda Whittington

Kingfish, thinking I only express annoyance at Republicans, more or less dared me to post about this.  I suppose I should dare him to come out against torturing both animals and humans by posting in favor of the Geneva Conventions and against John Yoo…


Ed Ward became Greg Ward thanks to bellesouth’s correction in comments.  Don’t call this guy by mistake:

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