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Friday Midday Various

  • The Daily Journal ran a Bobby Harrison piece about the Supreme Court argument in the pardon case yesterday.   If you want to see it for yourself, Kingfish has the video up.
  • The Sun Herald has a story about Steve Holland’s Gulf of Mexico bill, describing Holland as “a populist Democrat known for over-the-top gestures,” and that Holland’s funeral home gives out insulated beverages sleeves with the slogan, “We’ll be the last to let you down.”
  • “’It was strictly a tuba raid,’ said Rolph Janssen, an assistant principal.”  The New York Times writes about “a string of tuba thefts from music departments,” relating to a resurgence of a traditional music form: “Though the police have not made any arrests, music teachers say the thefts are motivated by the growing popularity of banda, a traditional Mexican music form in which tubas play a dominant role.”
  • From the Irish Times, a history of Ireland in 100 excuses.  H/t Crooked Timber.

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