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Even the Mississippi Supreme Court wants a friend: more from the McDaniel appeal

Well, this might be annoying to the McDaniel legal team.  Not only did the court (through an order by Justice King) agree to allow the amicus brief to be filed, which I’m sure pleased the McDaniel folks, the court also granted the amicus request to participate in oral argument.

Which will come out of McDaniel’s time.

Here’s the order.

Also on the docket, McDaniel’s lawyers got around to dealing with their deficiency letter, and filed record excerpts, thereby raising the question in my mind: Does anyone (else) put the cost bill and designation of the record in a record excerpts?! (perhaps the scheduling order had some meaning given tight deadlines, but I saw nothing in the brief suggesting why that might be there, either).  They also learned from the deficiency letter that one must serve the trial judge with a copy of the brief and say so in the certificate of service, although the docket doesn’t suggest that problem has been resolved.

In an upcoming post:  Update on the further adventures of psuedo-journalist Charles Johnson.

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