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Author Robert Goddard, source of “pure ditto-head psychosis” (Kirkus Reviews), to talk health care constitutionality on Gallo in the morning

So the afternoon email message about what’s up on SuperTalk Mississippi arrives, and I learn that Gallo will be talking health care tomorrow:

7:30-Robert Goddard, Mississippi Author-He’s InDaHouse.  If health care laws within ObamaCare were judged by Constitutional standards, nothing we’ve seen in any of the proposed Bills would survive the Courts.

Robert Goddard? Mississippi author who knows something about the constitution?  He just didn’t ring any bells.  So I poke around the web and see–rkgoodard.com.  He’s got a business adminsitration degree, works in long term health care, and is working on his second novel.  His first?  Kirkus Reviews (not source of particularly hard-hitting criticism) says about Upper House Conspiracy:

A diabolical left-wing cabal threatens the American way of life in this brisk, if preposterous, political thriller.
Will O’Brien, an ace investigative reporter whose career was ruined when he fell for a hoax, divides his time between ogling women and muckraking for a sleazy D.C. tabloid. When he discovers a senator dead in a hotel room, all signs point to a sex-induced heart attack, which turns out to have been a murder assisted by adulterated allergy pills. Will’s sleuthing leads him to the sort of conspiracy theory Rush Limbaugh might dream up in an OxyContin haze: a scheme to murder unpopular Democratic senators so their places on the upcoming mid-term ballot can be filled by electable Democratic stalwarts, thus preserving the one-seat Democratic Senate majority that has been blocking the Republican president’s interventionist Middle East policies and Supreme Court nominations. Masterminding the plot are, naturally, a liberal media executive and, needless to say, France, represented by a snooty leftist named Rulon, who favors socialized medicine, progressive income taxes, open immigration, gun control and “pretty much a total submission to decrees of the United Nations”—a program he figures will lead to the disintegration of the United States and a global French hegemony. Will’s theory is dismissed as another hoax by everyone except fetching D.C. detective Zalva Martinez, who helps him delve into the bottomless pit of liberal perfidy while bodies pile up and the bad guys target them for assassination. Throughout, the narrative is well-paced, the dialogue snappy, the mostly gratuitous action scenes exciting and the characters—at least the non-French ones—believable. The plot is pure ditto-head psychosis, but Goddard delivers a workmanlike thriller

Oh, ok.  That really explains why he’s on Gallo to talk constitutionality of proposed health care legislation.  Let’s all call him up and quiz him about the Commerce Clause.  Someone call him about Wickard v. Filburn, and while he’s trying to field that, I’ll call in a question about U.S. v. Lopez.

I’m going to make that a new tag:  Ditto-head pyschosis.

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