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A hearing on the Cochran motion to dismiss, and the Cochran reply brief

Following #mssen on Twitter produces a lot of live-tweeting from the hearing on motions in the Senate election contest.  The judge gets the quote of the day; with McDaniel’s lawyer arguing that the secretary of state had opined that there was no deadline for filing a state election contest, the Court asked:

McGehee: point me to that authority that says the court should do what Mr. Hosemann thinks, his opinion

The judge stated that he was going to wait to rule on the subpoenas because it would be unfair to do so without hearing from the circuit clerks (someone on Twitter noted the unaccountable absence of “Circuit Clerks for McDaniel” bumper stickers).  He also said that he will try to get an opinion deciding the motion to dismiss done by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, YallPolitics has the Cochran reply brief on their motion to dismiss.  It basically is designed to lock down the arguments already made, and really doesn’t leave much that McDaniel said unanswered.

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