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Where is (or was) Confederate Drive at the University of Mississippi?

There’s been some question about where, exactly, the road called Confederate Drive might have been. My memory was that it ran from the old dorms by the cafeteria to the Confederate cemetery, and then, when the Tad Pad was plopped down in that path, it ended there. Turns out, that’s close, but, at least recently, not exactly right.

At some point, with no one complaining, the bit that ran from Dormitory Row to Fraternity Row got named Chapel Lane, for the chapel that was placed beside the od cafeteria. What remained was a road from Fraternity Row to the Tad Pad, and then looping around it. That was named Confederate Loop.  It no longer goes to the Confederate cemetery, which is behind the Tad Pad.  Here’s a map that shows what I mean.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.41.50 PM

How many folks freaking out about this have actually taken the time to visit the memorials on the campus?  I have.  I have spent time in the cemetery, knew where Confederate Drive was, have spent time looking at, hearing the story of, and thinking about the monument on the loop.  No one is talking about descrating graves, or moving monuments, or the like.   In any event, the map above shows one point of argument. I’ll be posting more, later.


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