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We All Must Look The Same To Them

Anderson is going to love this one.

This was in the Chittenango, New York may have been in a newspaper’s sports section this morning.  From Shannon Lovejoy on Facebook.

Update:  I wondered about the cut off masthead, which should have been a big read flag.  When someone goof on Facebook tried to foist this off as the New York Times and I knew it was not, I checked.  Chittenango is a “village” in the Syracuse area most famous as the birthplace of L. Frank Baum.  Does not seem to have its own newspaper.  No idea where it is from.  It doesn’t look faked to me– looks like a real newspaper page– but what do I know.  Anyone with any clues where it originated?  I’m still thinking it is real.

Update 2: I am told but cannot confirm that this was in the Syracuse Post-Standard which is a real newspaper.

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