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Some thoughts on Double Decker this year

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in a concert was sheet lightening, perfectly framed by the stage and surrounding buildings, twice during the last two songs of the Drive By Truckers set at Double Decker.  A “how much longer am I going to be able to stand out here?” moment (my English Setter’s thought when I got home was, “Let’s go inside NOW, fool!”).

It was a lot of fun to see Water Valley’s own Matt Patton in a more-or-less homecoming show playing bass for the Drive By Truckers.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a musician enjoy playing a show more than he did.

Double Decker planters punch seemed as popular as usual– a whole batch was consumed.  It appears I have been making it for 6 years.  I have still not found a satisfactory solution to the need for over three quarts of lime juice, but we soldier on.

The festival food, about which there was a lot of dissension in recent weeks due to efforts by the Tourism Council to upgrade, was improved, but my favorites have been there for a while (a catfish plate and Brown dairy ice cream from the folks at Taylor Catfish).  I had a decent bowl of gumbo from Party Waiting to Happen.  From a bbq place that will not be named, I had possibly one of the 5 worst sandwiches of my life.  Scarily bad.  But the folks who got mad at the organizers and ended up refusing to participate looked a bit silly.


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