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Salon weighs in on Forward Rebels, football, Lee Habeeb, and talk radio…

The cartoon is from Marshall Ramsey.

The Salon piece, by Andrew Leonard, really doesn’t add much to what Rick Cleveland wrote in the Clarion Ledger.

It begins:

Like most liberal Berkeley, Calif. residents, I am an avid follower of Southeastern Conference college football, which means I often find myself spending my lunch hour catching up on the latest news about tree poisonings in Auburn or Lane “Lame” Kiffen’s cheating escapades at Tennessee. But it’s just not every day that my consideration of LSU’s awesome defensive line is interrupted by new revelations about the intersection of Deep South college football and the conservative right-wing campaign to demonize Barack Obama as the Socialist Bringer-of-Death.

But hey, everything’s connected, right? Race, the Confederacy, conservative talk radio, the rise of the Republican South, health care, Jeremiah Wright, and college football? Of course it is.

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