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Memory, and a thing about Oral History

2nd Update:  I am now completely convinced this is the building that now houses Funky’s and will post more about this later.

Update:  Information in the comments here makes me think I’m the one that is wrong, quite likely.  I’m trying to access the information that made me think this wasn’t Oxford, Mississippi. One odd detail– that doo-dad visible in the street may help date the photograph, because, in researching the question of two-way traffic on the Square, I hit the place in the board of alderman minutes where they authorized the removal of those things from the streets around the Square.

This picture has been posted on Facebook twice now as being an old Oxford image. This last time, at least two people posted memories of having been there, one very concrete (describing the smell, the furnishing, specific sherbet served there). Others suggested– maybe even stated– that the building to the right with the Star of David was the Methodist Church that had once been on Jackson Ave. almost across from my office, which would make this building the space that is now Funky’s bar and that was Parks Barber Shop from the 70s until about 5-7 years ago.

It is not a picture from Oxford, Mississippi. I am relatively sure that this business still exists and is in Massachusetts (in a town that happens to have the oldest Jewish synagogue in America and more synagogues than we have Baptist churches).  But nevertheless, there are people in Oxford, Mississippi who have fond and detailed memories of it!

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