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Meanwhile, in Oxford: About those Old Taylor Roard roundabouts

They opened today.  I, for one, thought (and still think) they’d be a great thing for an intersection that had become impossible and possibly dangerous.

That said, it’s going to be a bit of an adventure while folks get used to them.  Driving them the first time reminded me a bit of driving the Square before there were parking islands in the middle of it, only with the addition of not-quite-comprehendible directions painted on the asphalt (did that inside lane suddenly become a Highway 6 only lane? How is that going to work?).  I could see the sidewalk to the left, but couldn’t really see what was supposed to be happening with how it was going to cross Old Taylor on the North end and the off ramp to 6-East on the South end (or what it’s going to continue to do for walkers and cyclists headed up the hill to the South on Old Taylor.

All that said, it will make that intersection possible to use even when students are trying to make class at the last minute, I think.

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