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Jaxrelief asked for a thread about last weekend’s Ole Miss-Miss. State game

I thought it had been discussed a bit in comments, and my baseball post was a tongue-in-cheek ducking of the subject.

Just for the record, I my posts have not been limited to after-the-fact glee.  They’ve contained foreboding and meditation on having hopes crushed, about dizzying falls from grace (first word of the post:  “Ouch.”) after the “unfortunate trip to South Carolina.”  I can’t recall saying anything about being rolled over by the tide, and, since I didn’t watch the Auburn game, had nothing to say about it.  But I’m sure my posts haven’t been limited to glee.

Thoughts about last weekend?  We got clobbered, fair and square.  Our defense did not perform, and they fired on all cylinders.  Not much else to say.

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