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Did the Square Have Two Way Traffic, Part 3: Some Dates of Changes on the Square, from parking meters to parking islands

These are pulled from the minutes of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Oxford, which are available online and can be searched pdf-by-pdf, which takes a while.

  • 1940   There’s a cryptic entry on the minutes:  A motion was made that the City Engineer be “instructed to have removed from the streets, the ‘mushrooms’ located on North Lamar Ave. and entrance to the Square, and the one leaving the square and entering Jackson Ave.”  Mushrooms?  Anyone have an idea what that is about?
  • 1949   Parking meters put on the Square and two blocks off in each direction.
  • 1950   Stop signs were placed at the entrance of the Square on North and South Lamar.
  • 1962   The police station was moved from the Square (where Faulkner alley is now) to the “old fire station” behind the (now demolished) City Hall.  Shortly after, it was leased to Mrs. Morgan to open the Hole in the Wall Record Store.
  • 1964   Farmers are prohibited from selling produce on the Square.
  • 1971    Mrs. Morgan gives up her lease and the alley between Gathright Reed (Old Venice) and Shine Morgan’s store (Southside Gallery) was opened.
  • 1973   Van Buren was made one way– you could no longer go on or off the Square from either side on Van Buren.
  • 1974   The City put the parking islands on the Square and the old multi-lane circus of driving on the Square ended.

I could find no clue about when Jackson Avenue was made one way.  And what of two-way traffic on the Square other than the two-way feeder roads coming in from the East and West?  There’s this, which may be an answer:

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 5.41.19 PM

Here’s what that says:  That a motion was made that “ordered that the recommendation of the City Engineer in regard to making certain streets one-way streets and that routing all traffic around the square to the right be put into effect.”  It’s dated June 9, 1947.  I’ve been told that the city experimented with more than one change on this.  Was this the final one? Or was there a later one?  I don’t know.

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