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An Oxford Building I’ve Never Seen Before

John Cofield put this old postcard in his Facebook feed.  I’ve never seen a picture of this building before, and wonder when it was built (late 19thC?), where it was, and when it was torn down.  I’m guessing that the elementary school I attended replaced this– that building was on Jackson where the federal court building is now.  Could this have been on the old University High School site somewhere?

In any event, it’s pretty clear to me that we’ve never had a school building this attractive since.

3 comments to An Oxford Building I’ve Never Seen Before

  • Bill Dees

    Yeah, that’s the Oxford Graded School, on Jackson. It was razed in 1946 and replaced with the building where you attended school.

  • NMC

    For about 10 years, that would have made a really odd pair with the very modern City Hall next door (or close to next door…)

  • Keith mansel


    Yes, that I believe was the initial public school for whites in Oxford. It opened around the mid 1880′s I think and was on the location where we went to elementary school. As I remember, the old elementary school and University High both opened in 1929 or thereabouts replacing the old Oxford school. Will Lewis will know the details I’m sure. I wonder how many county schools in those days were grades 1-12. I have my grandfather’s 1921 Abbeville High diploma signed by Dr. Chester McLarty’s father, the principal at that time.

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