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Other pages & projects

I’ve blogged about the following topics and hope to have pages linking and summarizing them.  When there’s an open comment thread on the main blog, let me know what you’d like to see me summarize.

Here’s some of the topic I’ve blogged elsewhere.  I intend to add links to pages that summarize what I’ve posted about these issues for each of these as I go along.


  • The Judicial Bribery Scandals:  Scruggs I
  • The Judicial Bribery Scandals:  Scruggs II
  • Wilson v. Scruggs I is the first case over asbestos fees that lead to the  Scruggs II prosecution.
  • Wilson v. Scruggs II is an umbrella for three (so far) distinct cases arising out of the illegal influence charges in Wilson I. There’s an effort to revive Wilson I, a new RICO case in the federal court in Oxford, and a case over $425,000 forfieted to the federal government by Ed Peters.  They are summarized in this post through mid-March of 2009.
  • Related cases involving Judge DeLaughter  (Eaton v. Frisby and Kirk v. Pope are two).
  • The Mississippi Innocence Project



Oxford and Ole Miss

Any other topics you’d like to see summarized, let me know.