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Wednesday Morning Various

  • The picture above is the John Wilkes Booth bobblehead that was on sale at the park service gift center in Gettysburg until someone came to their senses.  I’m guessing it would sell rather well in certain areas rife with Sons of the Confederacy members.  Obviously, what the world needs next is a Ross Barnett bobble head to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Meredith crisis this Fall.
  • Thanks to a methane-trapping foam no one understands, the manure pits in industrial hog farms in the upper Midwest are occasionally exploding.  That’s possibly all you need to know from this story on Wired.
  • In Outside Magazine, Rowan Jacobsen goes out with Louisiana commercial fishermen in search of gumbo ingredients and learns that all is not well even this long after the BP oil spill.
  • iPhoneJD reviews this $9.99 app, PDFPen, that allows you to edit PDFs on your iPad.

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