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Wednesday Morning Various

  • It turns out that prosecutor outside Chicago who wanted to ignore exculpating DNA evidence also used dubious bite mark proof.  After a national expert who views all such evidence as bogus highlighted the testimony of two “experts” in a case where there was later a DNA exoneration (but the defendant is being denied a new trial), the two “experts” have sued for libel.  Radley Balko thinks that, if this comes to trial, it may be about whether there’s any validity at all to such proof.
  • Surely this is parody.  Surely.
  • The Paris Review has online John Jeremiah Sullivan’s remembrance of his time spent with Andrew Lytle (novelist, associated with the Fugitive poets and the Southern agrarians), which he’s republished in his recent essay collection, Pulphead.
  • Here’s the New York Times obituary of Jacob Goldman, a physicist who convinced Xerox to found a research center in Palo Alto, which invented the Atlo personal computer, the laser printer, the graphical user interface, the mouse, and the ethernet network.  And Xerox decided not to capitalize on all of that, leaving others to do so.

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